Joe Collins for Congress

Joe Collins is running for Congress against Maxine Waters. He was an enlisted guy in the Navy. After watching this Youtube video, Id vote for him. Wouldnt care if he was a dem or a rebub, he’d get my vote.

Should there be a requirement for congress to live in the area they represent?


Would be a yuuuuge improvement over Maxine.

A page out of Klacik’s book, with a slight escalation of showing Waters’ house.

I wonder if the same people did both.

It’s too long, but I like it.

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Yes. Yes there should.

Im not sure how I feel about it, but do think they should live within a few minutes from their district.

I would rather get them out of DC and have their primary office be in their district. They could hold their votes over zoom.

One of the base problems of any system arises any time the ruling class does not have to follow the policies they impose on others. Very easy to ignore the impact in favor of the idea.


I agree with that. But does that matter in US congress?
Congressmen dont pass laws that only apply to their district. They are not Mayor or a board of supervisors.

FYI - I think you should have to live in your district.

You should live and pay taxes in your district.


It’s an unrealistic expectation.

There is no residency requirement in the constitution.

You know originalism and all that stuff.

Would take a constitution amendment.

Not a chance that it would pass.



Yes. It’s good to see people stepping up and exposing failed policies of democrats.

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This video truly represents the stark differences between how liberal politicians live and the people they supposedly represent. Guess what these liberal politicians don’t give a flying ■■■■ about you or your family!!! Power and money that’s what they love and live for.

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It’s amazing how wealthy they get from their positions of power.

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No, they should absolutely be a resident of the district they represent, hence the term “representative.” Regarding your second point, completely agree. There’s no need for them to spend so much time in DC.

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6 million doesn’t get you much house in CA.

That would be under 500,000 in PA.

How refreshing. The people of California need to kick Maxine to the curb and this gentleman seems like a great reason to do so. He lives in the district he wants to represent and she doesn’t. Why do people put up with her?

What happens is so many people in these districts simply become accustomed to living a certain way. It’s what they know and in many cases has been passed down from generation to generation. Also there’s the massive illegal immigrant population who, albeit living in ■■■■ hole compared most of our standards, are living a helluva lot better than the ■■■■ hole country they came from.

It looks like this guy was able to silence the liberals on this forum, that’s got to account for something.

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They are like the story of the fly who grew up in a vinegar jar and having known nothing else thinks the vinegar sweet.

Meanwhile twitter is censoring her for leaving the plantation. Talk about Twitter being a racist.

Soon they will censor Joe Collins too for leaving their racist plantation.