Joe Biden wants to Make America Moral Again...MAMA?

Come on Mama…come here and let me smell your hair.





That slogan better be gone by the end of the day. Love trumps hate! I’m with Joe!

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That is a ■■■■■■■■ story, and

Sure- hair smelling is identical to schtupping a porn star while one’s wife is at home with a new baby, and then breaking the law to pay Stormy off.

Do you really believe that something like this could go on in American hospitals? That physicians, nurses, technicians, administrators and most of all parents, show up at hospitals, go through Labor and delivery, and then say “On second thought, nah?” YOu’re better than that, right?

My biggest problem with him is his lack of qualifications. He’s been in government for 50 years. He has no clue of how things work in the real world. How can somebody who has been part of the problem for decades now claim that he is the solution?

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I don’t want another Obama term and people rejected that with Hillary last time. Maybe it will be enough this time to win because Biden isn’t hated like Hillary and he won’t neglect key states, but I’m not excited. I take issue with your post only because Trump…is knowing how things work in the real world getting millions from your father, bankrupting casinos, having a fraudulent “university” and “charity” and being a reality tv star? It’s going to be another terrible election for me.


He’s such an idiot…

I can’t wait to hear him explain why the policies that have created record prosperity need to be undone.

It’s not real prosperity because rich people are prospering too.

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Look guys…im just making light of a poorly worded answer to a question that could turn out to make MAGA memes look serious compared to MAMA memes. Don’t take everything so seriously.

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I know, but felt like a rebuttal was needed. Subtle irony is not a strong suit here.

No kidding. I worry that I’m getting old and not catching it.

Where are his eyes in that photo? Tiny eyes Joe. Maybe that’s where sleepy Joe comes from. His eyes always look shut. Too much plastic surgery stretched too tight I guess.

So true, he is part of the problem. He is also a plagiarist and a liar and there is that pesky & uncomfortable touchy-feely fetish of his :open_mouth::crazy_face:

What I remember most about him is that lied about his own wife & daughters auto accident deaths by blaming a drunk driver when the accident report clearly showed that sadly his wife was at fault and the other driver was not at fault or impaired by liquor or drugs. He is a real piece of LIBERALISM that’s for sure, they literally eat their own, and exploit their own heartache for the socialist cause!

Socialist…? I don’t know if He takes it that far. Liberal is bad enough.

In 2016 people rejected Hillary, just like they dems rejected her in the 2008 dem primary.

Biden is the candidate Trump fears the most because he’s the closest thing to another Obama term.

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Trumpets moaning about Biden lying. Delicious.

If only he had banged a Porn Star while his wife was home with a new born they could have overlooked it.


Rubio was the candidate Hillary feared the most. She thought Trump was the easiest to beat.
That doesn’t mean much.

Biden still tells that drunk driver lie.