Joe Biden Supports 8/10 Years Olds Being Able To Change Their Gender

Yup and this is how Joe Biden problary lost my support at that townhall oh i am sure he will problary try to sweet it up by denying it that he supports when he at the townhall said to a scripted question whatever or not Biden and democrats would allow 8/10 Years Olds Being Able To Change Their Gender.

What a creep of a canadite. Is this the best democrats have?

These are 8/10 years who haven’t grown yet and there creepy parents mostly mothers who want force change their own children. Which i say sorry to say that is still child abuse.

Need to supply a link or the usual suspect libs will fly in and ■■■■ all over your OP like they do every other thread.


It is none of the government’s business what gender my child chooses to be.

If It is none of the government’s business then why did the Obama admin approve of LGBT marriages then?

So child abuse is OK now?


Thanks, ah yes libs i do would preferred if libs had a better VP candidate then Harris. Harris is not a great choice.

…and the desperation sets in…

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They didn’t. The Supreme Court did.


Are you lost?

Can you explain what your nebulous comment means in relation to he tread topic?

You remind me of those people on Facebook who post ■■■■ like “Boy am I mad”, with no explanation.

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Yes he did pushed the Supreme Court to approve it. His allies the democrats made it all possible. First they said it was just LGBT marriages and look where we are now we are about talking gender change for children who have mental health issues or family issues for example some mothers or wives will use this agaisnt husbands.

Easy…Cons are trying to latch onto anything they think is scandalous. They’re desperate for anything to stick as they watch Trump self-destruct down the stretch.


Its Bull ■■■■
Its stupid
Its not real
Its a terribile spin
The post is litterly trying to scare people because Biden said dont discrimiate against anyone, including transgender children.

The fact that a mom saying “My child is transgendered” and Biden responded with “There should be no discrimination” and some idiots want to make this some sort of bad things is PURE Desperation.


If Joe Biden was trailing in the polls why the censorship of his Hunter’s son in the media? seems to me the desperation is coming from your side that is afraid of talking or debating scandals that Joe Biden has planety of.

In general -Those that are most offended by Transgenders and Gays are the ones least secure in their sexuality.

I personally dont understand transgender -but i dont have to undersand it. It has no effect on me what so ever and I do understand dont discriminate.


You know why BIden lost the 80s/90s election right? because he cheated about his college record :joy:

The Supreme Court is not an institution that can be bullied into making favorable or unfavorable decisions. They have lifetime appointments (for now) and that means they don’t have to take BS from anybody. The LGBT community just found a really good argument and convinced the court to side with them.

More depseration huh.
Can you post Trumps College records to compare??

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The issue is with this is that there are wives or mothers who will use it agaisnt their husbands that have children. I have seen this already there was a case in taxes with a simairl case. Where a mother tried to force change her son. While her son didn’t want it, she took her son away from her husband.

The arguement being “We are people”.

It was a very strong argument.

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Yeah… me too.

I know a few trans people… it’s their life. Let them live it how they choose without harm to anyone else.

I don’t understand why people want to make others lives harder than it should be.

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