Joe Biden’s Shockingly Adequate Campaign

Brilliant campaign strategy by Joe Biden.

Basically, Biden has just shut the ■■■■ up.

Biden’s campaign has essentially handed Trump the rope and they are content to let him hang himself.

Trump is obliging.

And all Biden has to do is shut up and let Trump do all the work.


Good strategy…one that Trump has failed to recognize.


Trump supporters are making fun of Biden sitting in his basement…when sitting in the basement may just be exactly what he needs.

Because he can’t. He didn’t fail to recognize it…he can’t.

It’s not in his nature.

Donald Trump believes the vacuum must be filled with the sound of his voice.

And Biden knows it.


chilling in a basement vs cowering in a underground fortified bunker…

One thing that is a huge boost is having the Lincoln Project making and funding their commercials which they are releasing every week. Biden has done a few commercials but not at the rate that Trump is.
And it is being reported that the Trump campaign is spending money in states where they didn’t think that would have to.

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like Georgia and Texas.

on top of that Biden has out raised trump in the past 2 month

OK don’t know how to embed the video since it’s Fox News and not YT.

But go to the article and watch the video, advance to the 1:10 mark.

Trump makes a false claim and Chris Wallace calls him on it.

Yep, just let Trump put his foot in his mouth.




Yeah turns out people only like an ignorant capering buffoon when things are going pretty okay, not when we’re in the middle of like three historic level crises. Go figure.


I just saw Scaramucci is fundraising for them now


He’s letting Trump suck all the air out of the room, which is what Trump wants no matter the consequences. He is truly dumb as a brick even if he possesses a certain animal cunning.


It’s fascinating, because it strips the right of their ability to say “real classy Joe!” while Trump capers around saying the foulest ■■■■ possible.

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Trump needs to stick to the talk shows and OAN.

They are about the only places left where he won’t get pushed back on.

And if he tries to lie when he debates Biden, Joe will chew him up and spit him out.
I think that Trump is convinced that he can beat up on Biden in the debates.
I think he is going to be surprised.


Donald Trump is one of those guys where if you told him you’d give him a million dollars if he’d stay completely silent for 30 seconds, he couldn’t do it.

It’s like no one remembers how he beat the living ■■■■ out of Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan and did it to Ryan with the exact same tactics he needs to use against Trump: smiling at him, lol’ing at his claims, the whole “can you believe this guy” attitude.


If they have in-person debates, i wonder if he’s going to creep behind Joe, like he did with Hillary:

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IF he tries to lie? He’s a full blown sociopath, he doesn’t know the lie from the truth.

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He is a fantabulist, to him, it is true.

This whole race is bizarre outside of the ongoing apocalypse. Like Trump isn’t losing because of campaigning mistakes or even great messaging from the other side. He’s losing because he’s revealed himself to be straight up incompetent at the job. And Americans will forgive almost anything except not being good at your job.