Joe Biden Platform? Endorses Healthcare For Non Citizens, Relaunching DACA and Reparations

Anyone who votes for Biden and for Reparations is beyond me. But feel free to claim or suggest Biden is better because his not Trump or that somehow Biden polices or his agenda wont pass. :roll_eyes:

Biden meanwhile said it was bold, transformative platform for our party and our country.
Sanders:Its a good policy blueprint that would move this country in a much needed progressive direction.


dont forget sucking back up to globalist idiot WHO

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Indeed WHO had only one job. To prevent the spread of a illness or virus yet they failed because they got potical. WHO needs a reform.

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Joe is grasping at straws.

He’ll say anything his handlers tell him to say, poor guy.

oh for cry sakes

the pathetic WHO is nothing but a global ass kissing/sucking band of leftist idiots

the last god damn thing they care about is the “world’s health”

ps. i did not try to bypass any filters

That is not the job of the World Health Organization.

This, while Trump is on telemundo saying he wants to relaunch Daca :joy:


This is epically bad timing my guy. Trump was on ■■■■■■■ Telemundo endorsing DACA and a pathway to citizenship like moments ago.

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What’s wrong with DACA? A lot of people support it.

You can only support it if you don’t support Trump, dontcha know?

These aren’t popular positions among independents even according 538, I am assuming he is hoping to get a big number of Sanders supporters who didn’t vote last time on board.

If he wants them he better start talking about a single payer healthcare system.

Completely agree. I will change my write in for Bernie if he moves in that direction.

So your all for Socialism and progressiveness dispute knowing that destroyed Eastern Europe and Russia and other countries?

Where’s the BDS thread?

Forced industrialization hurt Russia and eastern Europe.

At one point, it broke England, and that was never a socialist endeavor.

Your forgetting Eastern Europe had a socialist govs because of Soviet Union right? Yugoslavia is a separate case.But yeah even Socialism hurt People in Serbia,Bosnia, Croatia and many families and their wealth were taken by the socialist regime.

No, I’m suggesting that the relevant factor, the one which applies regardless of state, government type, economic theory or national origin, is forced industrialization.

The English Midlands, the Low Countries, the Great Leap Forward, the Five Year Plans, the New England Merrimack River Valley, late 1800s NYC once it got all that cheap castoff labor, Malaysia in the 1990s, Brazil and Argentina in the 1950s, the second wave of Seoul troubles in the 70s and 80s, Lagos in the early 2000s.

Joe Biden says Police have “Become the Enemy” and “Absolutely should be defunded.”

Given Trump’s recent and sudden love affair with DACA, this thread may now be a bit outdated…


I think you are mistaken in using the singular rather than the plural.