Joe Biden Leading in the Polls Really?

That same Joe Biden and the democrats that a while back slammed the Trump admin for closing down the airline flights from America to China while the covid virus was spreading in America and in mostly democrat held states like New York mostly?

I am not sure if i remember correctly or not but pretty sure i remember andrew cuomo releasing a data graphic showing at least half a million or so New Yorkers who had left New York for tourism and travel just a while back in Jan/April before the virus had started spreading.

I will be honest with you guys on Here the failures of the economy its not on Trump’s fault this was something that was unpredictable if anyone or any gov should be punished it should be the Chinese gov. For allowing the spread to happen and lie in front of the WHO.

An Joe Biden admin would be softer on China’s gov. What happened to Floyd is tragic but again why is it Trump’s fault?

It happened in a democrat state.
The fact that Joe Biden a few months ago announced with sanders that they would looking forward to push for Green New Deal for the American economy is alot scary. The last thing your country needs after a a massive shut down is a green deal that even ridiculous a carbon tax which Joe Biden wants to bring up.


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At the moment, Joe Biden is leading. Both nationally and in key swing states.

Whether it remains is to be seen.


Trump is having a hard time running against another old white male. It was easier for him and his lackies to demonize Hillary. It’s a lot tougher when your opponent is a moderate old white dude. Hard to gin up your base when they don’t necessarily hate the other person.


A moderate old white dude who is also a nice guy.

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And there it is. The reason Biden is leading.


Who knew constant insults, angry speeches, and constant whining would turn people off? It’s a mystery.


I can’t understand it myself. It’s a conundrum alright.


Don’t forget racist.

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Enjoy the forum, Hawk 92.

Who grabs women by the ■■■■■ and says “I want to ■■■■ you.”

And says one racist thing after another.

Case in point. This isn’t working.


It’s really all they have left. Deaths from Covid are into the hundreds of thousands now, the economy is in shambles, and the projections for both look equally abysmal if we stay on the path we are on. Not really a whole lot of positive you can say about where the country is headed right at the moment.


If Biden wins this election it will be because of one word - Empathy - Trump has none and Biden has a lot of it.




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Who is also a nice guy? not from the videos on YouTube i had seen of him. Yeah dobutful on that one

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Ah yes Common decency you mean you miss the days of how Obama admin was ruining America to being with. I wouldnt call Biden something of Deceny. There is a reason why his doing so well in the polls and thats simple really. They havent given him a press confrennce in three months, they know if he opens his mouth its trouble.

The debates should be very interesting. Not mention there are a number of issues Joe Biden wont do well on. Lets be fair though. Trump was avoiding calls for a military intervention in Syria by NeoCons and hawks. Biden would gladly do your "Denceny of going to a military intervention.


Bam. Welcome aboard.

Empathy? dont count on that one. Its a shame Hillary Clinton didnt win because some of you Americans dont know how dangerous Hillary was. And Biden Empathy? his a globalist.