Joe Biden Is Planning To Ban fossil-fuel subsidies Replace it With Wind and solar subsidies!

Joe Biden Admin plans on enforcing back an old *the decades-old oil export ban in a deal that extended domestic wind and solar subsidies while slowly getting rid of Fossil Fuel.

Joe Biden lied when he said he wont end coal minners jobs well it appears according to a article by politico a Joe Biden admin would push for wind and solar subsidies.

## How Biden would use trade agreements to fight global warming

Biden’s trade agenda calls for a global ban on fossil-fuel subsidies, tariffs on imports that produce a lot of carbon, and trade deals that include commitments to reduce emissions. Key Democratic trade leaders in Congress say they are on board.

A Warning from the GOP is a good warning indeed. Joe Biden can not be trusted. Joe Biden is just lying to voters when he says he wont ban fossil fuel when considering he plans a full global ban.

Republicans warn that Biden risks alienating the Rust Belt voters who will have sent him to the White

House if he becomes president and his policies reduce exports of heavy manufactured goods or fossil fuels like oil and natural gas, even if that’s accompanied by a drop in imports from other countries.

`Trade experts don’t expect Biden to push for an outright ban on those oil and gas exports, which only began during the Obama administration, when the president agreed to lift **the decades-old oil export ban in a [deal that extended domestic wind and solar subsidies

Pushing Democrats to push for a Carbon Tax.

Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said bipartisan concern over climate change could see the United States adopt a tax on carbon emissions, with the proceeds shared with households, if Democrat Joe Biden is elected president in November.

We shall see tonight whatever or not Biden will deny or lie about not banning fossil when such articles have being appearing right before three weeks the election.

Have being appearing?

What does that mean?

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Good. This 100% needs to happen.

Makes me want to vote for him even more.

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Automobiles became popular in the early 1900s as technology made them more practical. Modern Democrats would have banned horses in the 1830’s and waited with expectation of a viable alternative.


From the article:

Under that plan, coal, oil and gas would be taxed as they are mined and drilled, raising the price of the fossil fuels and discouraging consumers from buying them

Democrats are outright gleeful in their zeal to punish working class Americans.


Nope… I am not gleeful.

But it needs to happen.

A transition away from fossil fuels needs to happen sooner rather than later.

Time to finally take the medicine that should have started fifteen years ago when it would have been cheaper.

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Not true. It was because gasoline was cheap.

You do realize this is not going to create jobs but will hurt millions of workers and others right? and among your energy bills not changing at all right?

Then i am sure you will be happy with rolling blackouts. This energy drive will create just 20 Million jobs out of a nation that we are with just 300 Million people you guys on the left are ridicules with your green nonsense. You think China will follow suit? of course they wont. This is all about making China Energy dominated.

You know why Hillary lost? because she said she would ban coal jobs.

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Tech Jobs/Green Energy Jobs wont be enough to save America’s economy under the Joe Biden Admin. And the democrats.

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Jobs will be created… because hey… we need to transition to a new way to fuel the economy.

I expect energy bills to go up no matter what… we have lived off of cheap energy without regards to the future for way too long.

The argument that the US shouldn’t do something that is the right thing to do because of China is really really stupid.

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Jobs will be created

No lefty these green energy jobs are always temporally unlike coal ones. Most solar and wind enegry grids are automated run.

No China is smarter then America. And they are also excited for Joe Biden because they know his weak and wont challenge China on anything.

There were automobiles in the 1830s?
Or just being contrarian for the heck of it?

How is this a bad thing? Then green energy employment numbers are exploding.

“ Jobs in energy efficiency experienced significant growth—the sector now employs more than 3 million people in the United States. IRENA reports that, globally, the renewable energy sector employed 11 million people in 2018, 700,000 more than in 2017.”

Coal jobs are dead.

They aren’t coming back.

Natural Gas killed coal.

And the idea that Trump will actually challenge China is hilarious. He is the weakest and most ineffectual leader we have ever had.


# Energy jobs report shows that “clean energy” is all about creating unproductive jobs

The rise of the automobile hurt millions of workers. I am to assume you would have scare-mongered about the auto as well?