Joe Biden doesn't know why people are streaming to our southern boder

While addressing the governors Joe Biden basically said he doesn’t understand why all these people from all over the world are showing up at our southern border. There’s a number of things to say here, first being the level of stupidity in such a statement is astounding! Doesn’t this brain dead fool remember that he directed Kamala Harris to study the root causes of migration about a year ago? Are those studies still going on? It’s not exactly rocket science is it?

  1. Their countries are ■■■■■■■■■■
  2. You have essentially invited them to come (as many of the migrants have testified to).
  3. No other industrialized nations that offer generous welfare and/or publically funded free stuff are stupid enough to approach migration and illegal immigration the way you do.

The fact is that all this talk about studying the root causes of migration is a bunch of ■■■■■■■■■ It’s just an excuse to not do a damm thing because this is exactly what today’s Democrats want.

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so true

gotta give them credit. they don’t even bother trying to hide it anymore (why would they?)


“Study the root causes”

It has been done. We already know the root causes.

They act like they are in sixth grade and asked to write a paper as a homework assignment.

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:thinking: the root cause :thinking:


Could the fact that his administration has ended any pretense at interior enforcement have something to do with it? Run the gauntlet once and they know they are home free.


No Lib denials or rebuttals. :thinking::thinking: Wonder why?

Because it’s boring to offer a reply and then have thirty-eight jingoists and other assorted nationalists gish up a ‘nuh uh, lib’ pile-on.

But, here goes: because the US policy towards central America is to support caudillos who unleash death squads unto striking peasants and students.


Still? Didn’t that all more or less end after the cold war?


I dunno about that. When was the last time, and in what country did we:


J’Biden is a cement head that regurgitates the ■■■■ his handlers feed him.
The ■■■■■■■ doesn’t know anything, lies about everything and quite honestly, his folksy Ol Joey from Scranton horse ■■■■ isn’t even interesting anymore.
■■■■ him, he and his whole family are criminals that belong in jail.

Paraguay, 89.

All of Plan Colombia.

Two years ago, Peru and Venezuela.

Off top of my head.


Ya think President Joe Biden knows about this?

Why should he remember the assignment he gave Kommie? He’s senile and she hasn’t done squat.

I listed the actual laws Biden and company have broken another thread…

In the words of Senator Kennedy…when someone acts like they don’t care…it’s probably not an act. They really just don’t care.

The Biden administration doesn’t care how many illegals invade this country…he said during the campaign America can’t take another 2 million…a new year has started apparently that disgusting old man wants another 2 million coming to America from … wherever!


I disagree. “Fweedom” has correctly checked off all the boxes necessary to advance a career that has no accomplishments or benefitted those who she claimed to represent. Before leaving the Dimbulbcrat nominee for Prez race with a whopping 2% approval, her Senate tenure amounted to nothing more than “co-sponsoring” bills that were sponsored by notable legislators; in effect just a name and hanger on.
Giggles’ body of work as a prosecutor and AG of CA leaves behind a wreckage of an incredible statistic of incarceration of black males and destroyed families.
Can’t even compare this chooch to your everyday bull ■■■■ artist politician, she’s just full of ■■■■ and taken advantage of a system that over the decades has proven to be an abject failure by installing incompetent boobs in positions of authority and lowered expectations.

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Who would give free health insurance to illegal aliens?



The US does a lot of things in other countries that they shouldn’t, often these things make politicians rich. Regardless, the US is not directly responsible, nor do we have the ability to create peace and Democracy all over the world. I’m the one who continually claims in this forum that the government doesn’t give a rats ass about human life, only about power and wealth, and that disdain for humanity includes Americans. We have major problems in our own country with poverty and crime and general misery that trillions of dollars and endless government programs have failed to alleviate, let alone solve. What does inviting millions of the downtrodden from all over the world do to help Americans? Our Southern border has been opened by Biden’s policies. it isn’t just Mexicans and Central Americans that are coming in virtually unchecked. There are a lot of bad people coming in from all over the world who are doing a lot of harm to America and it’s citizens. Isn’t defending, protecting and boosting Americans the pre-eminent Constitutional duty of our President? He’s not failing do do this accidentally, he’s doing it deliberately for political gain, and it’s just a matter of time before serious acts of terrorism get carried out by people who came across our open border. We are already seeing a tremendous increase in fentanyl deaths. These deaths, and every other death caused by illegal aliens are directly on Joe Biden.

I responded here without my usual sarcasm and hyperbole, I use those frequently because my experience here, in my several years has led me to believe that Libs usually dodge genuine discourse and resort to party talking points when they’re unable or unwilling to answer serious questions about what they believe and are presented with inconvenient truths about what their leaders are doing. As such, why bother to be nice?

How about step up. Prove me wrong. I tend to believe that divide and conquer is one of the primary ways our government, of both parties stays in power. Seems to me if we could stop squabbling over stupid things like gender and climate change and other things that our government wants us to be preoccupied with, we might be more inclined to pay attention to what our politicians are doing and come together and start voting them out of office!

Can’t have that though, can we?

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