Joe Biden - Champion of the First Amendment

so unless you support Trump your not supporting America

is that your point do you know what NuffSaid does in his personal time, what type of person he is, what charity he does or doesn’t support.

Iv never seen so many people American bend over and damand complete and utter loyalty to a President before, maybe you should pitch together and buy your King a crown your kissing his ring enough.

Man!! And I was starting to think that Rudy should maybe stop going on television.


But now I KNOW he needs to keep going. He is getting close to spilling the beans and biden knows it.

Anyone who thinks they’re getting their hands on any other calls stored there is crazy.

There’s no reason to question what’s on there.

What, do they have another “whistle-blower”??

These conspiracy kooks are getting crazier by the day.


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If only Trump had thought to contact the media during the Mueller investigation and told them not to have anyone on who spread lies about there being collusion with Russia. I’m sure that would have worked and there wouldn’t have been a firestorm about it.

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Its easy to see what the Dems think there must be another, secret, transcript. The one that we know exists simply does not support the third hand allegations from the whistle blower. Therefore…there must be another secret transcript where Trump demands dirt if they want their money.
What other possibility is there?

Oh horse ■■■■■ The claim was that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

It would take a fool to think that other countries don’t interfere in other countries elections.

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Does Guliani have FIRST-HAND knowledge of the feces he is spewing?

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Should be easy to establish… Just need a few people under oath and subpoena of the server in question…

The President straight up call the Media “Treasonous, and the enemy of the American people”

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When they spread lies, that’s exactly what he should do.


That is true. Can’t argue with that.


Page 1 of the report.

“the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.”

Not horse ■■■■■ Fact. Read the damn report.

And here’s proof Loyalists don’t give a ■■■■■ When Obama made statements about not supporting Bibi during Israel’s election, all you Loyalists pissed your pants with anger shouting that Obama should be impeached for trying to interfere with another country’s election.

And here you are, in 2019, not giving two ■■■■■ now that your hero is potentially in deep doo doo.

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Loyalists don’t care. It’s Trump over country.

Yes, I read it.

So when some nutcase kills journalists because he thinks they are committing treason against America I trust we can rely on you to condemn the rhetoric that triggered this?

Lol who are we kidding the cultists will never ever admit to their one true god doing something wrong.

The “loyalty” I “pitch”…is to stop being used by the establishment to promote their agenda. Think outside the box. Observe the small tidbits of truth that get accidentally uttered and then connect the dots so that you can actually see what’s going on for yourselves. The fact that what the President was tweeting about was not included in the OP…is more proof of what I just said. STOP BEING SHEOPLE.

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Thinking outside the box, why did Trump withhold military aid from the Ukraine?

Huh, I’m doing nothing to help the country? Wow, that’s quite the accusation.
And its my belief as a US citizen to allow the US Congress to perform the oversight they are entitled in the Constitution. Loyalists may not like it, and if this effort turns into a phantom, then Trump and Loyalists can proclaim they were correct all along. If Trump is impeached based on the findings, then Loyalists can admit they were wrong. Its country over party, its country over Trump, not the other way around.

AM Radio called. They want some kudos. Just as an example - some AM radio pundits claimed that there is no whistleblower and Democrats made up the whole thing. And listeners have bought into this rubbish. Listeners don’t have the independent thought to say to themselves “there might be a whistleblower, I should wait until all evidence is put out.” But no, as soon as AM radio started this conspiracy, people ran with it. Talk about gullible.

To think, laws were put in place to protect whistleblowers, and we have a President wanting to out them and then try and say the whistleblower is committing treason. To think the President is tossing this out. How horrible of a person is that? The scary thing is about 35% of the population back him up. And then, for a percentage of the population to come out and immediately discredit the whistleblower. Its sad, really sad.

Do your own homework, I’m not posting anything.

…and…ya gotta like that. :sunglasses::tumbler_glass:

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At the end of a wall of rant…

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