Jobless claims hit 3.28 million

Is this just the beginning? Where do we go from here?

Fix thread title bro…

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It’s 3.283 million.

But it’s nowhere near the total because systems crashed under the sheer volume. Millions more have yet to file.

That’s one percent of the population. It probably increases to about 12 or 15 million until about mid May when we break out and hiring begins again.

Thay and trump doesnt want numbers reported which is stupid

The 40k a year worker won’t be too anxious to return to work while sitting home collecting 56k.

You are aware that it’s about 5 times the peak unemployment level in 2008?

thank god trump is president in this crisis vs some leftist idiot who only cares about politics

Not sure if you’re bring sarcastic…

It’s four times the peak weekly unemployment claim during the Greet Recession, conveniently ignoring we were in economic freefall for months.

Thank God you guys are suddenly okay with the government bailing out people and not just big companies. Not for any logical ideological reason but because Trump’s okay with it, but I’ll take it.


Giant Eagle is hiring.

They are begging for workers and pay well.

Giant Eagle pays well? Lol. I make more on unemployment than Giant Eagle pays period before any future federal subsidy. What a crazy thing to say.

not at all

when govmt forces them to shut down, yes the relief makes sense

but enough about subtlety, and nuance.

I thought you needed work.

Giant Eagle does pay well.

If you consider eight to ten bucks an hour with no benefits well. I don’t.


You can make six figures if you have a CDL.

Base pay starts at 15 an hour.

Good opportunity to join an essential industry and better job security.