Jobless claimes double to 6.6M

Any evidence that’s happening or even being discussed?

Not yet. This is a good way to keep it that way.

Posting it on these boards is a good way to prevent that from happening?


He has a point; democrats have the House. :wink:

Jesus you’re not gonna break out in a chorus of “Always Look on the Sunny Side of Life” are you?

Ok Gloomer

Not at all…I made it very clear what negatives are pointless to focus on.

This is one of them…it’s baked into how we are fighting the virus so…what’s…the…point?

The point is political and this is the politics forum.

Are you somehow surprised by this?

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There’s no “e” in claims.

Yeah…more good news.

Anyone with half a brain knew what was going to happen…it wasn’t like it wasn’t predicted.

BTW…kudos to you. And yes I mean that.

I am not one for avoiding discussions about negative things.

I am one for not seeing the point about discussing negative things we can do nothing about.

Interesting…just trying to be neutral and non political looking at this in realistic manor and forum libs have turned on you.


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OMG! :sunglasses:

It’s the same reason I hardly ever report on new cases/new deaths until such times as they peak.

Until then it’s pointless to say we had a record number of new cases today…that will be true every day until the peak by definition so why keep pointing it out?

They did this with Italy constantly- drove me nuts.

Even now you rarely hear any stories that Italy has been below their peak new cases for 12 days in a row now.

I think our state may have turned the corner. All signs are pointing into that direction.

So will see soon enough.

Wait…a huge number of businesses are forced to close across the country and we are supposed to be upset or surprised the jobless claims have risen to historic proportions? We are supposed to complain about that? Act surprised? What? :woman_shrugging:

Yes. Submit.

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Time to reopen enrollment for health insurance thru ACA.

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