Jobless claimes double to 6.6M


It’s a legitimate OP and warrants discussion. You’re not forced to participate.

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anything that isnt fawning over our fearless leader is celebrating bad news…the fearless leader that was gloating about the virus is contained,and about the great job hes doing fighting it…

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It is not “bad news”. It is inevitable news.

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The same fearless leader that called it a “hoax”.

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So when China announces a deliberately low number of Coronavirus infections you would support that as well. After all what’s the point of broadcasting bad news?

Where did I say unemployment shouldn’t be reported accurately?

I said this is a discussion board. What’s the point in talking about it here? What’s to discuss?

Because it’s relevant and can help drive useful policy to help us through this devastating time? Putting our head in the sand doesn’t do any good.

The prescription to shut down the country should have come with a side effects warning.


We are a policy shop here now?

You think the relevant government officials don’t know about this?

You are saying in this thread it shouldn’t be discussed. Pretending a problem does not exist is not an honest approach.

More policy that can help mitigate the effects of the current situation?

Jay, come on man, it’s a political message board. What else is the ■■■■■■■ point of discussing anything on here?

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I said there’s nothing to discuss. Not that it shouldn’t be…but that there’s nothing to discuss.

What are you not getting?

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Generally side effects warnings apply to things one may not be aware of… Are you saying the impact of shutting down the country took you by surprise?


Policy drove it.

How? What kind of policy?

This is a "no ■■■■ " complaint.

“Trump didn’t do anything in January! He should have shut the country down!”

He shut it down in March.

“Unemployment claims are through the roof!”

No ■■■■ .

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Me? No. I knew it was going to cause nausea, vomiting, anal leakage and death.

Again to me posting a thread on this is as pointless as posting a thread discussing the the US had the highest increase of new cases thus far today.

That is going to be true until US cases peak so there’s no point in focusing on that metric day after day. It’s pointless except to drive depression.

Same thing is true of unemployment.

Sometimes focusing on a negative can be a good thing.

Focusing on a negative nobody can do anything about is pointless and despair-inducing. It’s not needed at this time.

My honest opinion…not politically motivated…mental health motivated.


It’s good to keep this front and center in the newscycle.

Just to make sure hands don’t start itching to cut relief benefits too early.

Congress dragged their feet on relief to 9/11 heroes before constant and loud attention was drawn to the issue.