Jobless claimes double to 6.6M

more than twice last weeks record 3.1M
they will be huge next week too as more states lockdown

Again…I point out the pattern of the OP. Nothing…but attempting to spread bad news. Fine work…carry on.


Tie me down and tickle me silly but I agree with Smyrna.

We all knew it would be bad…what’s the point in broadcasting it overly much?


Are you suggesting that the new unemployment figure is something that should not be discussed?

By the way it is being discussed on fox news now.


What’s the point in discussing it?

Until the lockdowns are lifted, the jobless figures are going to be bad.


If we’d stop talking about the economy doing poorly then it would come back even stronger than before. Spooking the market never works. We need to act confidently and focus on good information only.


Let me put this into a perspective…maybe…you can understand? Do you want to continue pointing out the devastation of your bush fires or…would you like to celebrate that the season for them has come to an end? It’s the same coin but a choice which one you choose to focus on?

If you are fighting the corona virus by staying home, will unemployment go up or down?

You guys do realize that it has only been like two weeks and we have at least six more to go… probably more.

Because it’s news and this is a discussion forum?


I personally don’t see a problem with a post that contains a link the outlines the details and makes an observation that with a deeper lockdown it will continue to be an ever increasing problem. I can’t speak to what may potentially be posted. One only needs to have a look at some of the more problematic threads to see that relative to those this particular thread is currently pretty innocuous.

I’ll agree there’s not a lot to discuss, but no harm in bringing up how bad it is and maybe what affect it will have on the economy for the short and long haul.
Agreed, we all knew it was coming and there is nothing to stop it until after the disease has reached its peak.

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It is innocuous but as I said there’s no point to it.

As long as we are locked down, jobless claims are going to increase.

What’s to discuss?


Couldnt you make that arguement about any topic that could be considered bad news.

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Not really because some news might be preventable with brainstorming solutions or changes in behavior.

This is baked in to our strategy to fight the virus.

Every week there will be a record set for jobless claims…just like every day until after the peak will be the worst day for new cases and new deaths.


Actually I see that there is a continuing need to talk about our last bushfire season in Australia so that we can lessen the impact of bushfires in the future. I would also point out that whilst our bushfires are out the impact of those bushfires are ongoing.

Of course in the context of the unemployment figures the focus should be on ensuring that those who need help (financially, mental health etc.) get that help.

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To ensure that people and their families who are impacted are given the support they need.

Appears to be celebration time for the OP.


OK Gloomer.


Why do you think they are celebrating?

These are historic numbers. It’s fair to discuss them. Not seeing celebration though.