Job growth obama vs trump

job growth under trump is slower than under obama
real wage growth is lower under trump than obama

average job growth obamas last 19 months 205k/month
average during trumps forst 19 months 195k

real wage growth obamas .8%/year
trump .3%

and yet people on the right crow about trumps great job numbers
the fact is they are no better (and actually are worse) than obamas.

and the trump sheeple just believe the lie…

I guess Obama was a business genius.

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And then there is this bit of info that came out Friday as well…


I hope America’s CEOs are going to be okay though…

The Trump morons will still do cartwheels and rejoice at how much better off we all are now… Can’t fix stupid.

So just to be clear, are you people still "thanks obama"ing for the economy??

Or not??

Personally, I saw obama and company blame Bush for 7+ years and taking credit now seems ridiculous, but I saw obama thank himself a few weeks ago, so I’m pretty sure I know which way you all will go.

It’s trump’s economy.

Obamas words during his presidency “y-y-y-y-you d-d-d-d-idn’t build that!”. The ever small minded president he was, he thought the best jobs were 15/hour hamburger flipper jobs. And his little obamabots lapped it up. Liberals use to yell those good paying jobs are gone, never to return.

More jobs were created under Obama in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 than under Trump in 2017. President Trump recently at his campaign rallies have been bragging that there have been about 3.7 million jobs created since election day of November of 2016. But Obama was still President on that day and still President for a little over ten weeks after that day.

To be fair to trump, there have been A LOT of liberals fired from news organizations, acting jobs and elected officials because of the MeToo nonsense. The newsies alone have to count for a tenth of a percent.

Lets compare and contrast, shall we?

Obama took over an economy in the tank at the beginning of his presidency. By the time he left, he had numbers that were better than Trumps have been. All he had to do was not screw it up, and Trump would have been able to just keep the improvement going.

Instead, he created the situation that has average wages down and inflation up.

Congrats America. We’ve been saved.

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It’s trumps economy. And it’s worse than obama’s was. Lower job creation and lower wages. Plus a solid boost in the deficit.

Kind of amazing that Trump can’t even outperform a stuttering idiot gay Kenyan crackhead Muslim usurper who was trying to destroy the country intentionally.


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The dominant economic philosophy of today’s “liberal” is government centered. To put it another way they believe very highly in themselves! Notice how when Obama talks regarding himself he mentions how he saved the economy but as you noted when it comes to the rest of us “you didn’t build that.”

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Hey - the “Forgotten Man” won’t forget himself you know.