Jimmy Carter: Trump is an illegitimate president thanks to Russian interference

Tweeted by Susan Page. "NEW: Former president Jimmy Carter says a full investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016….He was put into office because the Russians interfered.” Does that mean he’s an illegitimate president? “Based on what I said, which I can’t retract.”

Bravo, Jimmy Carter. He said what many of us believe. Maybe we should call him #fakepresident.

Let the tweets begin.

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Oh, of course. Trump will have plenty to say. All of it more reasons why he needs to be voted out.

I’m impressed a lot by the ramblings of the man behind the Misery Index.

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Who’s a hell of a lot smarter and conducted himself much better as president than the man in the Oval Office.

And if anyone demonstrates that Carter’s statement is abject idiocy, the lib response will be, “So what? Carter isn’t president…” (Same tactic with Hillary.)

Libs are down to reliance on Jimmy Carter now. Desperation abounds.

Carter is a revered statesman with a lot of class. Something Trump has none of. Carter’s charitable work since leaving the presidency is just one facet of that. I’m sure we’ll see Donald doing charitable work once he leaves the presidency. Assuming he’s not in jail. :slight_smile:

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Yeah in your “unbiased” opinion. We seem to have record low unemployment instead of a misery index.

You opinion is based on…gee whiz nothing it looks like.


Trump should ask him to help jump start the Iran talks.


That’s the absolute truth!

None of that makes his claim credible.

Jimmy Carter’s most magical moment was defeating brain cancer.

He might want to go get an updated MRI.


No, I’m not unbiased in my opinion. And we have quite a high misery index. Ask those outside the 1%.

Carter was a good man but lousy president. Trump has his personal flaws but is a great president.

Well that just isn’t true. No double digit unemployment, inflation, or interest rates to be found anywhere.

That’s a big claim President Carter.

I detest Trump but claiming he was directly put in office by the Russians sounds like it was pulled out of his ass.


Big business has him around their little finger. He’s doing their bidding. He gave them tax cuts. Of course they’re manipulating the economy to make him look good.

It’s not so far fetched given the closeness of the electioin.

I blame Hillary for the election results.

She was the wrong candidate. She was always the wrong candidate.

She was at best tolerated and at worst despised by a sizable segment of the country.

They should have nominated someone far less polarizing.

Nothing you said changes the veracity of what i said. The Misery Index was measurable. I didn’t even mention the long gas lines or failed foreign policies of Carter.