Jim Jordan Goes Full-on Anti-Semitic in Defense of Trump

The first reply I can find is the one where you asked was I being facetious in my OP… unless there’s something I’m not seeing.

No, I wasn’t being facetious. It occurred to me watching the Cohen hearing that the R response to Cohen was repeated assaults on his character and studious avoidance of engagement with the documentary evidence he provided. And in Jordan’s tweet, no attempt to question Nadler’s subpoenas, just an anti-Semitic trope. And in the 1000+ thread I started on AOC in the Cohen hearing, numerous attacks on her character and numerous misquotes attributed to her but a studious avoidance of engagement on issues.

I was not being facetious when I said conservatism has devolved into character assassination and identity politics.

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For this OP, which focuses on anti-semitism as an example, to paint conservatives as engaged in character assisnation and identity politics, is cognitive dissonance when we have a ready example in the same vein on the other side of the spectrum. This isn’t a conservative issue. Its an American one.

From wikipedia:

“In his late 30s, Steyer had “a revelation” and began an involvement in the Episcopal Church, the religion of his mother (his father was a non-practicing Jew).[6] He has stated that during this time he became much more interested in religion and theology. This new interest reportedly galvanized his political advocacy.”

Well, Episcopalians are generally pretty well to do as a group. Maybe this was an anti-Episcopalian dog whistle.

Are you sure Jim Jordan consulted Wikipedia before he made his post?

I agree that labeling every criticism of Israeli policy as anti-Semitic is nonsensical, and I would never argue that Jews are above criticism. Woody Allen – for instance – can be criticized for his treatment of women. Easy to do without bringing religion into it.

But a post nailing the “Jewish” moneybags behind a Jewish Congressman… different story.

Some of them do seem to want to side with child molesters. How many does this make now? I lost count. And trump is at least an aspiring child molester - they side with him too - strange world.

Trump most likely believes there are good people on both sides of a molestation

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$ means dollars/money. The obvious meaning of $teyer is that he has dollars. That YOU immediately connect $ with Jewish, when the tweet never mentioned Jews, shows that YOU associate Jews with dollars. And if it is anti-semitic to automatically associate Jews with dollars, guess what your own automatic connection makes you, by your own yardstick?.

Gym Jordan should be serving a good many years in prison for his complicity in the sexual assaults at OSU. If he never emerged from that prison, the United States, and the world, would be a better place.

Ah, using the $$$sign$$$ rather than (((sign))) is a new one.

some republicans, of course.

Rep. Nadler, a Jew, disagrees with you.

Yeah, who does he think he is, ilhan omar?

If she’s called an anti-semite, it’s fair for him as well. They’re using the same dog whistle

Of cour$e.

By your logic, any time a Jew recognizes and identifies an anti-Semitic reference, that makes that person anti-Semitic.

Speaking as a Jew, your post is designed, whether intended or not, to silence Jews in the face of anti-Semitism.

But let’s not ban this. Leave it up, so everyone can see how this works.

Not MY logic.It’s Bodecea’s fallacious logic. You are just further pointing out how ludicrous Bodecea’s line of arguement was.

My bad if I did not trace the lineage of comments correctly. My comment was intended to refute the argument, not comment on the individuals.

Funny that their are cons that defend a guy who enables child molesters at all cost…

But most of the victims who were molested under Jordan’s supervision were adults so that makes it okay somehow.