Jim Jordan Goes Full-on Anti-Semitic in Defense of Trump

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Rep. Jim Jordan Retweeted Manu Raju

C’mon @ RepJerryNadler —at least pretend to be serious about fact finding. Nadler feeling the heat big time. Jumps to Tom $teyer’s conclusion—impeaching our President—before first document request. What a Kangaroo court.

I doubt Representative Jordan got confused between the S key and the $ sign while talking about a Jewish critic of Donald Trump. There is no place for this in American politics. Jordan knew exactly what anti-Semitic slur he was invoking.

This is a prime example from a senior member of Congress of how “conservatism” has devolved into little more than appeals to prejudice, character assassination and identity politics. Shameful.

Ah, Gym Jordon, the coach (mandatory reporter) who turned his back on his wrestlers while they were being molested by the college doctor.

Since Tom Styers is the buffoon $$$Billionaire$$$ that has impreachment ads all over TV I’m pretty sure the dollar sign was intentional and had nothing to do with if he is Jewish or not and more like he is just $tupid!!


Yeah… don’t see it as anti Semitic.

Jim Jordan is still a terrible person.

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If Omar is Anti-Semite for the Benjamins thing, it’s fair to suggest that Jordan is as well.

Gym Jordan enabled a child molester…

Says alot that he is so revered by republicans…


News to me that Steyer is Jewish, so if any anti-semitism was intended, it was lost on me for one. I think a reasonable interpretation would be that Steyer just has a lot of money and has been freely spending it on his Impeach campaign.

Are you being facetious here?

Steyer is relevant only because of his money and his willingness to spend it against Trump. Absolutely amazing to put forth that that dollar sign had anything to do with Jewish.

When you call Steyer a buffoon, that illustrates my point that conservatism had devolved into character assassination as one of its main tactics. Jordan could have gone that route but his choice of associating a dollar sign with Jewish influence, that’s anti-Semitic identity politics plain and simple.

If Jordan had wanted to call him a buffoon, he would have called him a buffoon. He chose an anti-Semitic dog whistle instead.

“Amazing” There is a long history of using rumors that Jews use money to unfair advantage to attack Jews. Is that really what you want to defend?

So…Steyer isn’t using his money for political purposes?
Has nothing to do with whether he is Jewish.

Sure…any excuse to save the hegemony, right?

Dude. Have you been sleeping through Congresswoman Omar’s issues? Last time I checked, she ain’t conservative.

According to Wikipedia, although Steyer’s father was a non-practicing Jew, Steyer began an involvement with the Episcopalian Church in his late 30’s…


Congresswoman Omar was at fault, but in this thread that’s a deflection.

Anti-semitism has sharply risen in recent years across the board. Why don’t you address Congressman Jordan here?

It’s not a deflection. It is a direct refutation of a quote in your OP that I referenced in my first reply to you, if you care to go back and read it.

So does Sheldon Adelson, but you don’t see me posting his name as “$heldon” now do you?

It is easy to not be called anti-Semitic. Don’t use anti-Semitic dog whistles!

When you see them, condemn them, and if someone persists in being anti-Semitic then they have not place in Congress.

This isn’t hard, people! Why pull Steyer into a Twitter attack on Nadler to begin with. Oh yeah, Nadler is Jewish too.

I don’t think every criticism of Israeli policy or a Jewish individual is rooted in anti-Semitism.

Jim Jordan is a lousy human being for a variety of other reasons however.

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