Jesus will return in 2040

More likely someone else made it up and it’s on a website somewhere and he’s just parroting that.

2040?? Man, now I have to sit tight through the 30’s! :frowning:

Not I.

I am a non-theist. I don’t own jack ****.

I was referring to anyone that believes in that End Time ■■■■■

These threads cause me to smile because two thousand years ago people were claiming the end is near. A clear case of the more things change, the more they remain the same.

More realistically, no one knows the day or the hour of their own end time hear on earth. The earth will end for us…and will continue for the newly born.

Earth will move out of the habitable zone in 1.75 Billion years

If there is any life left on Earth at that point, it will be fried out of existence by the Sun.

In 5 Billion years, the Sun will become a Red Giant and the Earth will be obliterated entirely.

Those are two doomsday predictions I will stand by. :smile:

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Yes, he would tell those Jesus’ they shouldn’t have crossed into the United States illegally…

No, Alexandria Nutzio-Cortez says we only have 12 years and she’s WAY more relevant to most Americans than anything in scripture…


So buy your food buckets and gold now!

Because as we know, Jesus was big on holding in captivity those who are refugees.

I am sure it is in the beatitudes somewhere.

Or Knowing.

(Don’t see the latter one…it’s a Nicholas Cage Bad Movie).

To which they would reply “Lord I would never do such a thing. I entered legally to claim asylum, and this is still how they treated me”.

Blessed are the Border Overseers whose heel is upon the refugee, because they shall inherit a land that is Great Again.

Trump 3:6


Tickertape parade? No, seriously. Nobody knows when or if there will be a second coming. The declaration in the OP is a Nostradamus type prediction and we will see the date pass without incident IMO. We’ve had these predictions since the man died 2000 years ago.

This thread makes me miss Edward Palamar.

He did this stuff in a far more interesting way.

I think most people that make these predictions are just really unhappy and want something miraculous to happen to change their outlook on the world.

Yeah but Edward made himself part of the story because he was John the Baptist (IIRC).

That’s next level stuff right there…

I think you spelled the name wrong but anyway, several Liberals do not support the more progressive/radical Democrats and would not vote for them. And the only thing I can predict about 12 years from now is that it will be 2031.

I’ll have to Google. Not familiar.

He was on the old boards in the Religion Forum.

I think he was in a lot of other fora saying the same stuff so you might be able to Google him.