Jesus was a Jew. Why do some Christians and Muslims hate Jews?

Jesus was a Jew. Why do some Christians and Muslims hate Jews?

The racism that many show against Jews, must by definition include Jesus, as he only taught Jewish traditions along with his criticisms of it. This included the Jewish esoteric and mystical teachings similar to Gnostic Christian thinking. Jesus’ forte.

Yahweh chose to have the Jews and Romans sacrifice Jesus and thus the Jews hold no blame.

Yahweh loved the Jews and it seems counter intuitive to have religions like Christianity and Islam, who have usurped the Jewish Yahweh and Jesus from the Jews, to try to take the Jew out of Jesus and hating that Jewishness.

Jewry is the root and patriarch of Christianity and Islam, yet those religions do not seem to respect their own Jewish roots.
Roots should be revered. Christians and Muslims do not love or respect their religious fathers and mothers; so to speak.

Jesus was a Jew.

Why do some Christians and Muslims hate Jews?


I’m not sure why, but folks are going to hate regardless.
However, I have had conversations about this over the years. I think part of it could be, there are a lot of people who are under the belief that many of the people currently living in Israel and abroad as Jews are not the Hebrews from the Bible.

FTR…Jews, Christians and Muslims all come from the same parentage, however our differences come down to what each group think who Yeshua is. Jews saw him as a teacher, Christians see him as the Messiah, son of God, Muslims see Him as a great prophet. None of them deny His existence, but differ on who He is.

Three main reasons historically-

Deicide- the idea that he Jews were responsible for killing the Messiah.

Money lending- because Christians did not want to be associated with usury, Jews throughout history have often been the moneylenders and therefore seen as wealthy. This has led to jealousy and greed to take that wealth.

Scapegoat- every society needs a good scapegoat to blame for societies ills. Jews have made an easy mark throughout history.

This is true and it has always amused me. If the Jews hadn’t killed Jesus, there’d be no Christianity. All Christians should celebrate them, not revile them.

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It’s not the Jewish people, it’s their criminal government.

Yes, but few will enshrine hate without a just cause into their ideology the way Christianity and Islam have against women and gays.

You are right that Jesus is given many roles.

You will note that none of the religions you named follow his teachings even as they show their lie of respect.


Good reply.

Since Christianity and Islam have usurped the Jewish god, I put jealousy of good thinking as the number one cause followed closely by the usury issue.

Christianity and Islam seem to hate any ideology or peoples that are superior in morals and ethics than themselves, as well as the better understanding of their Jew created god.


That, while ignoring that god basically forced someone to kill Jesus when he appointed him to his task.

1Peter 1:20 0 He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.

There are a few places where Christians curse those who had to do as they did for god’s great plan to not be derailed.

The Christians even sing of Adam’s sin being a happy fault and necessary to god’s plan, even whil cursing Adam and calling what he did the Fall.

Dumb is as dumb does.


Those are also Jewish people.


For the same reasons some non-Christians hate the French or Germans. They illogically apply the characteristics or behaviour of part of a class to the entire class. Many human beings are notoriously illogical.

I’m Jewish. My Government is the USA Government.

I’m talking Net-in-Yahoo. Hasn’t he been indicted? I thought Idiot Boy trump didn’t like corruption, but then he’s BFF’s with this criminal to still give Israel foreign aid?

I know what you were talking about. But IT was just a reminder that while Is real may be a Jewish state, it doesn’t mean all jews belong to that state.
I.E -No matter what Trump says -Jews that dont support the current PM of Israel are NOT dis-loyal.

God is everything and everyone. We’re just not Him.