Jersey is going to reinstutite the individual mandate statewide

Good post.

You denying it says “shall not be infringed” doesn’t change the fact that it does, Allan.

You only like the Constitution when it suits you. I like it all the time, Allan.

Are you sure you’re going to have enough money for this next year? You’re going to have to pay your share of federal taxes you know.

Do I know you?

The Garden State to The ■■■■ hole, huh Allan?

It’s a progressive state, everyone who lives here knows it.

Now that a liberal is in the statehouse, return to normalcy.


I like the constitution fine, it’s the second amendment absolutists like yourself that are the problem.

As many have said before, the constitution isn’t a death pact.

I am a first amendment person but see the need for common sense regulation of free speech.


Why did he move to Bergen county in the first place.

Oh right, education opportunities for his children.

You think his children would get the same opportunities in bumfuck Texas. Lol.

There plenty of reasons to live in jersey, education opportunities being just one of them.


It’s a suburb of New York.

New Yorkers, upset with the joblessness, high taxes and overpriced housing their policies created in New York, move to New Jersey and inflict those same policies there expecting a different result.

“Doctor. Ya gotta help me. Everytime I shoot myself in the foot, it hurts. What should I do?”

I’m sorry Allan, do you know my son?

If not, why are you telling me why he lives there?

Pretty full of yourself, aren’t you?

Of course parents want the best education for their children, but that doesn’t mean they want to retire in the state. I only remain here because I have a very good paying job. But in a few years when I retire I won’t stay. It’s too expensive to retire in NJ for what is offered. I’m not going to spend my retirement paying for other people’s kid’s education.

If NJ is going to mandate anything of the sort, it should mandate medical savings accounts.

The individual can withdraw the money only to pay for healthcare or health insurance. HIS CHOICE.

Okay why is he waiting for his child to finish school then…just because.

It’s a guarantee wherever he moves to won’t have the education opportunities that Bergen county does.


Btw we are all going to miss him when he moves.

If NJ is going to mandate anything of the sort it should mandate medical savings accounts wherein the saver can withdraw money only to pay for medical care or insurance.

You’re not getting it. Once she graduates high school education is no longer an issue. Now he can move out.

So only when it suits you. Like I said.

“Common sense” :smiley:

I’d be all over that. But not mandated.

Or it could be to keep from adding stress to his child.

Giving the consumer choice has two advantages.

  1. It lets the consumer by only the care he needs. (A 20-something skate boarder can buy a policy that covers broken bones but not age-related infirmities).
  2. It forces companies to lower prices and compete.

Single payer has an two advantages.

  1. It grows government.

  2. It makes liberals feel good because they win an argument.

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Well except if she wants to go to a jersey state sponsored college.

In state tuition is wayyyyyyy lower.


I rather be a stressed out well educated jerseyite

Than an unstressed not as well educated Texan.

But that’s just me.