Jersey is going to reinstutite the individual mandate statewide

good for Jersey.

Phil Murphy looking out for his constituents.

Good job Phil and the New Jersey legislature for undoing Trumps travesty.

More states should require this.


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Since I am a big supporter of the 10th Amendment, I have absolutely no problem with this.

Forced payments to big corps…Why do dems and swamp creatures love them?

NO liberty in modern liberalism.


Same. Raise dem taxes!

each state to determine what is best for them. Simple concept.

for Jersey the best is to keep the mandate. (to keep premiums low)


Do a lot of young, relatively healthy people buy individual insurance in New Jersey? Or do they forgo, staying as dependents on parents’ policies until they’re 30, which I believe is the maximum age in NJ?

That is one reason the federal mandate failed–the volume of young people signing up for coverage just wasn’t what was expected. And how is a tax for not being covered by bad plans conducive to low income families?

glad to hear states doing what’s right for their people. States where it’s not the answer can choose to do something different. The power of diversity. Bending trees don’t break.

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Lol…‘keep premiums low’ Due to a FEDERAL Mandate? Hey, if Jersey wants freebie healthcare, then tax your own dumb citizens for it…not me in a neighboring state.

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So homosexual marriage? Get rid of public accommodation laws? Lower the age to buy rifles to 16?

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Well of course there is that nasty old supremacy clause and the 14th amendment.

I know it tough for you to keep track.

When the indivdual mandate law was struck from the fed law, it’s up to states to take over.

When fed law not supreme anymore the states take over.


So only when you agree with it. The 2nd Amendment is incorporated.

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Have you ever seen what a campus liberal can do to the 1st amendment when he doesn’t like the speech content?

we have been though this many times.

2nd amendment is not absolute.

Sorry no amendment is.

and you whining and crying about “shall not infringe”

all the time wont change that.

Its only the extremists who feel that way. and they are in the vast minority


So now State Rights are cool?

Honestly if a state wants to provide State Funded Healthcare they should.
If the people in the state want it.

But it isn’t going to keep premiums low.
They will see the same issue it had. people just getting the tax hit and pay it.

Funding via a $1,000/person head tax on the underemployed?

We should try funding the military with a head tax (mandatory nat’l security insurance) and see how long THAT is a good idea.

New Jersey deserves itself.

If that’s what the people of that state want, then more power to them (within their borders, of course.)

we voted for Murphy and his liberal ideas.

sanctuary state.

more gun control

15 buck minimum wage

paid sick leave

mandatory health insurance

all great things that have cons quaking in their boots.


Very true, Al. It’s what the people of the state want. All those “great things” gives NJ one of the latest “tax freedom” days in the nation. But it’s what you want, and more power to you for it. (Just like I said.)

People who want it will stay and live with it. People who don’t want it have been skedaddling out of that state for quite a while.

My son lives in Bergen County and is counting the days until my grand daughter graduates from high school so he can get the hell out.

I don’t like the if-you-don’t-like-then-you-can leave stance. I have my political stances and I want them to be universal. Why would I want to let people undermine them?