Jerome Corsi to be indicted for perjury

Something does appear to be up.



Recording of Corsi’s live steam…

Fox not tweeting for multiple days is really weird. What’s up with that?

I have my theories but I can’t post them.

Hmmm one theory for why Fox isn’t tweeting is because they are mad at Twitter allowing for Tucker Carlson to be doxxed. But if it was a protest move one would think they would be more vocal about it.

Perjury trap as a excuse for committing a crime will always be funny. Always.

Why not???

Do any of them account for the sudden attacks these boards have been under?


Mods should disable images for a bit. That stuff is not acceptable.


Geez, what the hell is going on lately? I was unlucky enough to see the porn by Hobo. Now I see there are hidden posts by another idiot.

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Think. I can’t say I know what those theories are, but I can guess at at least one.

this basically


Apparently there is a feud with another message board.

Who knows?

People get bored and emotionally attached to what they feel is their safe space and feel the need to lash out with porn and Nazis… because that is apparently what emotionally stable adults do these days.


What a pain. It’d be nice if they’d grow up.

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I will say, the mods are catching them pretty quickly. Good job!


flag, ignore and continue as normal i guess


This is the internet. Not gonna happen.

I can dream. :slight_smile:

Don’t stop believing