Jerome Corsi is in plea negotiations with Robert Mueller

Looks like another witch can’t swim, when Corsi said he was to be charged with perjury, it was because he was negotiating a deal.

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All of these innocent people taking pleas. I don’t get it


Damn it jerome. You had one job.


Just a reminder of how sometimes you only see the tip of the iceberg. Even after you’ve smashed into it:

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They asked them what the weather was like on a Tuesday three years ago and they said he lied!


Must be it

Absolutely. I’ve said plenty when it’s all over we will all be surprised at just how little we have known versus what Mueller has known. He is a leak-free machine.

with a bonus reminder that Chris Steele was instrumental in the FIFA probe.


So is this true or is Corsi weaving another yarn? Odd for Corsi to be “confirming” he’s in “talks” instead of the govt announcing it.

As Jackie Gleason used to say, “How sweet it is!”

Interesting two grafs from the WashPost link in the OP:

Last week, Corsi said his efforts to cooperate with prosecutors had broken down and that he expected to be indicted on a charge of allegedly lying. He described feeling under enormous pressure from Mueller and assured his supporters that he remains supportive of the president.

In a webcast and a series of interviews, Corsi said he had spoken to prosecutors for 40 hours and feared that he could spend much of the remainder of his life in prison.

It will be interesting with the dems in control of the house and their investigative powers along with all the testimonies they already have a d can release to Mueller how many stories will change. Their front line has collapsed so to speak

I’m kind of wondering if and when Nunes will get caught up as well


Good question, the ■■■■ he did for fat donald should be investigated.

Nunes grabbed far more headlines than usual. Wednesday, he held an extraordinary, impromptu news conference. President Trump and his associates, Nunes declared, had been caught up in surveillance by US intelligence agencies. Nunes then rushed to the White House to share the information in person. It was a remarkable breach of protocol—one that, like some sort of inverse Magic Eye poster, becomes more confusing the longer you look at it. Further complicating matters is the fact that Nunes was an adviser to Trump’s transition team.


Oh look more criminals around Trumps orbit…:thinking:

Damn…if he has to serve 1 day in jail too, this whole investigation will have been worth the millions in expense.

These comments will make for a great laugh one day…


Crooked Manafort has that covered, bro. :slight_smile:


you know that with the manafort plea and fines it has paid for the special investigation twice over right?


You do understand the concept of a plea bargain, right?