Jeffery Epstein: wealth and power can prevent even the most egregious offenders from being held accountable for their crimes

Good Article on how a Prosecutor tried to leverage a lenient sentence for one of the most infamous Child Sex Abusers of our time. Billionaire Epstein was buddy’s with the powerful and rich and famous. Buds with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and the list goes on. In my opinion a pimp for these guys to have sex with underage children. And they all got away with it.


An under-covered story.

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I’m sure a lot of people, with powerful connections, on both sides of the aisle, don’t want it covered.


No doubt.

Absolutely. Lust for power corrupts. Left Right. Isnt that what having sex with a child is about? Power?

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I suppose, much like rape. However, it’s disgusting enough that it’s not something I want to dwell on, honestly.

Remember that Roy Moore thread we had where some people argued that the age of consent was much lower in biblical times?

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No, but that sounds awesome. Real libertarian hours.

I dont want to dwell on the sex part as much as I am intrigued by the Power and leverage of our society where some can get away with murder and others cant for selling a bag of weed

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Walter Block made that argument before.

Oh dear lord.

Some people like him, other libertarians regard him as “not a particularly multidimensional thinker”. He is very simple minded. A funny thing about him is that he considers fractional reserve banking—when a bank takes some of your deposits, uses them, and then pays it back to you with interest—to be fraudulent.

He has opinions about age of consent laws and fractional reserve banking? Quite the Renaissance Man.

You have a very selective memory.

The age of consent is too low for many things in this country today in my opinion. Especially given the maturity level.

18 year olds can barely drive cars.
College kids can’t tolerate opinions different than their own.
We need to RAISE the voting age, not lower it.

One constant truth is:
Billionaires have their own rules…Grab 'em by the ***** :scream_cat:

According to Dark Helmet it’s also a great way to get girls.

Of course the Dark Lord of the Sithee never went for underaged girls … just princesses.

And also about shooting people who have caught onto someone’s flagpole to save themselves from a deadly fall, “Murder Park”, punishing rapists by sodomizing them with a broom, legalizing contract slavery, the similarities genetically engineering human embryo and experimenting on frozen beef, and legalizing slander.

He sued the New York Times for defamation.


Quite the character.

Here’s his long-winded rationalization for his hypocrisy.

I mean think of the pirate hero Ragnar Danneskjold. He would of sued the New York Times.

This blog is a riot.