Jason Rapert, AK State Senator tests positive

Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert, who once shared an article on his Facebook feed that called the pandemic “the biggest political hoax in history” has tested positive for COVID-19:

Rapert is grateful for the prayers he’s received since his diagnosis, and noted that he considers the virus “serious” now.

Would it have made any difference if our political leadership, on a state and federal level, had taken this seriously from the very beginning?


they did. they were called racist

narrative failure.

Most Republicans are anti-science. So, nope.

Hopefully he’ll get better soon and isn’t one of the many people permanently damaged or even die from this horrible disease. Thoughts and prayers.

What did they do?

My nephew was infected 2 1/2 weeks ago. He’s a healthy 30 yr old that became very sick. He’s better now, but I’m concerned of the lasting effect this will have on his health when he gets older.


I’m starting to hear more doctors talk about how bad some folks are with lung tissue scaring. They are saying that the healing process for some of these folks will take months and even years. And some who had extreme cases will feel the effects the rest of their lives. I’m glad to hear your nephew is okay. I wish him the best.


Do you know how strict he had tried to be adhering to the protocols of mask/distance/hand washing? Just curious as the messages coming from our elected officials early on were much the same as Rapert’s pre-COVID attitude: “overblown,” “political,” “hoax.”

After visiting his mother, he decided to go to his wife’s family bbq where he became infected. Out of the 12 people in that gathering, 9 became infected.

What a clown, absolute clown.

Who on earth would send prayers to this putz?

“Republican senator Jason Rapert, who unsuccessfully introduced a bill to ban gay marriage in the US in 2017, was hospitalised with coronavirus and pneumonia on 24 July.”

Why did he go to the hospital? He should suck it up and go about his day. Its only a hoax.

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We’re seeing similar situations at work - people holding family gatherings and parties for coworkers and then multiple people come down with it.

“But we were all outside!” Madness.

:rofl: The contents of that post are incredibly ignorant. Not to mention painting the whole side of the barn in one stroke.

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I hope that cases like these will wake up those community leaders who are not taking this virus seriously.
Best wishes for the Senator’s recovery.

He was bedridden for 5 days, high fever, heavy cough, extreme body aches. If he was an older man, he would be screwed.

I agree with you that we cannot broadbrush one side or the other in regards to this issue.

I will say it certainly seems that since the very beginning the majority of elected officials downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic have been Republicans. Yes, including Trump.

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That’s because that’s what the media is telling you.

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Terrible. I hope he makes a full recovery.

And I hope Rapert does the same, maybe a little wiser from the experience.

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Did Trump and Rapert downplay the seriousness of the pandemic? Or was that the media being tricksy?

No. He regurgitated what he was told by the experts and added his own 10%.