JARRETT: An FBI that is Corrupt and Dishonest — Latest Reports Offer Only More Proof | Sean Hannity

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett weighed-in on the ongoing “endemic” of “dishonesty and corruption” at the Department of Justice Monday; saying new evidence shows just how deep the FBI’s “abuse of power” was following the 2016 election.

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And will anything be done about this?

Because NOTHING is EVER done about the corruption in government, people have completely lost faith and realize that we may as well vote for the Dims since corruption seems to win every time. Constantly pointing out just how corrupt the Obama administration was, and how NOTHING is done about the corruption, shows how ineffective the Trump administration is. I still don’t understand why Trump is listening to his so called ‘advisors’ who seem to be part of the deep state.

Why Barr? Does ANYONE truly believe he will bring about ANY type of order or confidence back to the DOJ when he is part of the deep state?

and nothing happens—this entire investigation is to get Donald----warrants to spy on americans with no evidence except what hitlery and the dnc wrote—and nothing happens. As a vet and someone who worked as a guard for cia and army intel hall of fame member col paul lutjens—i am pxxxxx off. why did we serve??? to watch the demoRATS take over america—WATCH THEM DO ALL THEY CAN TO GET RID OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE—THEN—THEN—THEN----the demoRAT cities of america will run our country—think of NY and Cal running america into the ground like they have their cities and states. Won’t be long until i go to be with the Lord so i hope I am gone WHEN these anti americans take over everything.

How long are you going to stick with that MYTH about the so-called “good” rank & file at this CRIMINAL organization? Got a newsflash for you Sean. There are NONE. Talk about an agency that needs to be abloshied. It would be these treasonous child murderers. HANG EM ALL!

I am so tired of hearing about this and no one gets held responsible. I also dont understand how the two sides see things so differently. There are actually many who believe Trump is a Russian agent!!

If it wasn’t for Trump as our President, this country would have been controlled by Socialist, we have to fight to get the corruption out of Congress and put Mueller in Prison. Our tax money pays their salary, we as Americans should be able to stop the corrupted politicians, and send them to Prison. We now we have suicide bombers in Congress, what happened to our great country? Everyone please write to your Congressman, and let them know how you feel.

With the Mueller investigation extended, Trump can kiss 2020 goodbye.

This extension of time is a set-up for Mueller to drag this on right up until the election.

There’s been an incestuous relationship between the clintons, comey, mueller, and a few others dating back to the 1990’s and “whitewater”. There are so many “improprieties” involved with them all, that the entire “mueller investigation” should be thrown out and perjury proceedings started against them all. This b.s. wouldn’t make it past a bailiff in a municipal courtroom in the real world, let alone cost 30 million dollars just to pose a fake case.

I have watched Sean Hannity for over a decade. I agree with 98% of everything he covers and says. Over the last two years, all we hear about is this corruption, FISA warrant abuse, fake dossier, etc… OVER AND OVER…I agree with all of this.

But, where is the investigation into all of this? Sean has Sarah Carter, Greg Jarrett, Dan Bongino, and all of the same regulars on his show all saying “it’s coming”, BUT WE NEVER SEE ANYTHING!

Sean, you never stopped talking about Obama and I agreed with you, BUT NOTHING you ever said changed anything! He was still elected and did what he wanted.

We are never going to see justice in this country. The Clinton’s will get away with what they have done. This country has gone to hell and Sean, you might as well stop wasting your breath.

This is nothing but more bs and LIES, LIES, LIES, LIES!!! FOX & everyone of it’s pundits have totally lied about a phony “deep state,” corruption in the FBi, etc. They, including the total GOP, have sold their souls to evil & expect everyone to accept what can very easily been proven false.

Clearly these are not Lies as you desperately claim, so betz, why do you lie and make this false claim? What is your agenda? Why do you ignore obvious corruption by the FBI and others?