Jared Kushner has received $90M in foreign funding since entering the White House

I keep asking the same question over and over again, why does this corrupt clown still have a security clearance?

So…we have already learned that whatever Trump and his family do, it is completely moral, legal and with out fault. I will not, cannot worry about this. There is no reason to argue the morality or legality of a Jared Kushner. It just doesn’t matter.

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Trumpites: Nothing to see here. Move on. There’s no corruption in the White House. None. Mueller didn’t prosecute so …

Reality is different. #factsmatter

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I have to ask over and over.

What if Obama did this?

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Apparently some of the money came from Saudi Arabia.

Didn’t Republican have a huge issue with Bill Clinton getting foreign money when Hillary was SOS?

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Gee, why i’m i not ■■■■■■■ surprised?

Clinton Foundation!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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i am surprised its only 90 million…

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In conclusion, Trump is cool eat yer peas libs.


You guys are so predictable.

Did what?

Hires a family member to work in the administration who was being paid millions by an opaque offshore account.

Replace Jared with Chelsea Clinton. Then we’d be in end times.

For real, what a piker. He should take tips from Hunter Biden, who inked a billion and a half dollar deal with China.

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Hunter Biden was not working for the federal government at the time.

And the entity through which Jared Kushner received the funds was one he forgot to include in his initial federal disclosure form.

Conservatives have insisted that funds taken in through the Clinton Foundation when Hillary was Secretary of State were both bribes and a conduit for foreign influence. And yet, the Clinton Foundation was a (very highly rated) charitable entity whose primary beneficiaries were projects around the world – for example campaigns to reduce the spread of HIV.

Kushner’s entity is a profit making entity for the benefit of Jared Kushner, his brother and a personal friend. This level of self-dealing is unprecedented in the American history.

And the willingness of Republicans to accept such an appearance of corruption as the way the government conducts its business is equally unprecedented.


First thing I noticed from that article was that Hunter Biden wasn’t working for the feds.

Hunter Biden is a CEC distraction. It is no more illegitimate for Hunter Biden to work in China than for Ivanka Trump to manufacture her clothing there. That is how capitalism works. But the right is very quick to denounced capitalism when carried out by anyone they politically disagree with. #Elon Musk #George Soros


Actually, there is a different angle on this. Is Jared Kushner “working” for the federal government. I know he draws a salary and he travels on the federal budget, but can we characterize his activities as work – which is essentially expending labor to create value.

Jared K. was put in charge of "reinventing the federal government. Nothing has been done on that.

Jared K. was put in charge of solving the opiod crisis. Nothing has been done on that.

Jared K. was put in charge of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The “plan” to do so is still forthcoming and the actions taken so far by the Trump Administration are so focused on supporting the Netanyahu regime, that the Palestinians have made it clear that they will give no consideration to any Kushner plan, if it ever is produced.

So it far fair to conclude that Jared is the Forrest Gump of the Trump Adminsitration: he shows up but no one could call it “working”.

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