Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


Or have we found equilibrium?


That’s what I’m trying to figure out- will the liberals deflect, defend, and justify everything Kushner did like they did for Hillary, or is suddenly this a major area of concern?


So then you are over the “lock her up thing” you know given the developments?


I voted for her.

She would have been a much better President than Trump.

Good to see you completely ignoring the part where all of this should have been completely settled after the Hillary investigation and wanting to treat Jared and Ivanka as people who were not part of a campaign and admin that made very clear they thought all of this was a very big deal.

It really doesn’t seem very honest man.


No, crazypants is having to spell out the fact that attacking someone for something you previously defended someone else for is not only hypocritical, it’s ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.

…but damn, I guess crasypants must be in fashion because that’s all it seems some people are capable of doing, attacking the bad orange man for ■■■■ they defended Clinton for.


Or, third possibility perhaps “lock her up” was a campaign slogan all along used to drum up support since its coming to light that this whole using e-mail over unsecured servers has kinda been a thing for a while?


The 2nd one.

Rember a week after the election…trump said “i dont want to hurt her”. It was just a campaign slogan. LockHerUp


Yeah, it’s clear you have no interest in discussing this honestly so have fun.


Wait, so you voted for someone who you said should have resigned her previous post due to the way she handled records?

So what she did obviously didn’t matter to you. Why should this matter to me?


Ok so then dont “lock her up” anymore?


Ok, we’ve established that you think we are hypocrites. Since you aren’t one, how do you think Kushner’s emails should be handled?


Lock Kushner up now?


You are being asked what you think. Funny how neither you or tguns are upfront about it


Basically Trumpers if by now you dont realize that “lock her up” was nothing more then BS…

This is less about “lock him up” and more about you know that whole “lock her up” thing yeah that was :poop:


They should be checked out and life returns to normal. Just like Hillary. Right?


Are you going to chant “lock her up” now?


I am just trying to figure out where you stand, here ill start the whole email scandal was nothing more then drummed up drama rolled into a campaign slogan to get Trumpers into a fever pitch. (it worked)

There was never going to be a “lock her up” given the fact that Republicans held control of the govt for 2 years and nada, given this new report and frankly others of the past have demonstrated that using personal and unsecured servers to conduct govt business is pervasive and more common then what you were lead to believe.


Why would I do that?




Why would I want to lock Hillary up now?