Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


Gee, I dunno, just as an example to prove a point -

If they found a WhatsApp with the nuclear codes?

Every case is different. Who knows what will make them different at this early stage?


Here is my earlier reply to a post where Sneaky quoted what Comey said about recommending no charges for Hillary.

What do you think? Does that cool to you?

I also think that if Hillary had still be SoS she’d have had to resign just over the not preserving records problem, so I do think that both Ivanka nd Jared should leave if it’s found they’ve been doing this regardless of what’s found concerning classified info.


For my own piece of mind I try to be a little more consistent in my decisions/opinions. I don’t pick a side of a topic dependent on the subjects party.


You think Hillary would have resigned, so Jared should resign. Cool.


Where is there any consistency here?


Few if any were calling for prosecution for using private email? It was “all” about classified info?Are you serious?

Is that because they were calling for her to be prosecuted for murder instead?


Cause orange man bad.

Sure, Clinton was communicating classified info on her private server, but that’s all good, because we like Clinton. But now that Kushner is accused of using a commercial app to conduct official business…well that’s bad, because orange man bad…and more liberal hypocrisy.


I’m not responsible for what others post.


It’s actually pretty simple man, Hillary was found to have done nothing worthy of being charged. Hence, exonerated.

They could charge Kushner if they found he has done something worthy of being charged. That’s the way it works.

Are you of the opinion that because Hillary was found to have done nothing worthy of being charged, Jared should not be charged no matter what they find? You can’t really be pushing that, can you?


And Trumpists seem entirely without self-awareness, thinking they are making a point (“liberals are just as bad!”) every bloody time they excuse Donald and his ilk for the very ■■■■ they claim they supported him to get rid of.




No. They defended due process and the legality of it. Many readily admitted what she did was ethically wrong. I understand, as a Trump supporter, this might be hard to remember/imagine, given that Trump and his supporters cant admit mistakes.


Bothsiderism, cool.


I think her resignation would/should have been requested.


Trump supporter defense is “we are just like Hillary”



All I remember is “well everyone knew what she was doing.” I don’t seem to recall liberals on here raising a stink over having her own personal server for government business.


Too bad no Democrats thought so. She was almost president. She would have gotten a promotion.


Yes, I’m serious, because that’s how it was. I can remember it because my memory extends back before the previous time I felt emotionally wounded by something the bad orange man did.


Many republicans thought Trump should have resigned during the campaign. Loud voices dont always affect the voters. Not saying right or wrong, thats just how it is


So I am confused, are Trumpers still for “lock her up”?

Or is it now, well she should have been “locked up” but the “libs” defended her so she got away and now that Jared is doing it…well Clinton got away with it so…shrug?


Donald was supposed to be so different, so unique. Instead he’s just establishment in a less articulate package with a sickly orange hue.

But hey - liberals do it too!