Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


The hell you’re not.

So wait, after more than two years of liberals obsequiously defending Clinton for conducting official business on and communicating classified information through her private server, claiming she did nothing wrong…your gripe is that I’m not getting all hot and bothered about Kushner conducting business on a commercial app?

Now, that’s rich. Here is an idea, learn to hold yourself to that standard. In the mean time, I’ll wait to see what turns up in any investigation into Kushner…as I did with Clinton…before I start pulling my hair out and screaming “orange man bad” at the sky.


Most people weren’t griping about whether or not what she did was “wrong”. It was about whether or not it was “illegal” and, despite due process, the GOP campaigning on “lock her up” chants. The GOP’s memory history is so short. Trump supporters can’t even admit the “wrong” when it comes to Trump.


Here’s an idea. Check your history book then come back to us when you learn what happened.


So let me get this straight…

AFTER Hilary was crucified for using a non government email server to conduct business…

AFTER the GOP had followers chant “lock her up”

These “best and brightest” STILL thought it was a good idea to do the same thing they crucified Hilary for?

These aren’t the brightest light bulbs… are they?


Exactly - the hell I’m not. Spot on there.

And as for Hillary - “Claiming she did nothing wrong”? - pretty sure we can all agree that any public official conducting official business on a private server/app is really ■■■■■■■ stupid. Did it warrant a criminal prosecution? That was the issue. That was the question. And that is what liberals consistently answered with a firm “no.”

And that is what y’all literally centered your presidential candidate’s entire presidential campaign around. Sending her to jail.

Now, fast forward today, and you couldn’t care less. And what’s more… y’all are proudly admitting it. Perhaps you should consider formulating a standard - any standard - to begin with. I’ll be just fine with mine.

ETA: Hillary sucks.


The history of what happened is clear, liberals defended Clinton for what they are now claiming Kushner is guilty of. It’s the same hypocrisy they often repeated throughout history.


“Guilty of”?? They haven’t even investigated, have they?


Who is accusing him of anything criminal?

Repubs centered their entire campaign around locking Hilary up for this… what will they say now?

Personally I thought they were both stupid.


Liberals defended Clinton from a criminal prosecution for something they did not think warranted a criminal prosecution.

If Jared’s conduct was the same, he absolutely should not be prosecuted.

If you can spot hypocrisy in those two statements, you’re a wizard.


It doesn’t seem like that’s very honest.

Powell used private email and likely many others before Hillary and nothing was ever made of it and it was not known to the public, but that changed with Hillary and they rightfully went through her communications and a whole big ■■■■ deal was made of it. Especially by the incoming Trump campaign.

So it seems reasonable for all Americans to think going forward that this issue had been settled and all of these high level appointees should use proper precaution not only for security but also to ensure that their official communications are preserved.

So while liberals were right about the crazy people(pretty much everyone on the right), acting like Hillary had been engaging in espionage and insisting she be locked up making too big a deal of it, very few honest people thought it was fine or was something that would be continued by anyone in any future admins.

Now you may really believe what you have been typing and just be a victim of the FOX/BREITBART Conservative Echo Chamber but it is not the truth.

But the only thing you should be worried about is whether or not you expect better of our Elected Reps and the people they appoint. Especially after they told you over and over and over again that THEY were going to take such things seriously.

Or… Just keep doing what you do.


Simple question for you, should Kushner be investigated for the handling of possible classified e-mails?


No. See my reply to Mountain Soldier above.


Chanting about jailing Hillary was fun and that’s all that mattered. The only reason the Jared stuff is funny is for the hypocrisy but we all expected it from the “ i could shoot someone on fifth avenue and not lose any votes” candidate. Deflecting to “ oh but the real hypocrites are Hillary supporters” is pathetic, same thing that is infesting the McCain thread.


So this should just be shrugged off like Hillary’s. Cool.


I hope this is blown out of proportion and Jared is found to have done nothing wrong.

Why? 1) That would virtually guarantee national security was never at risk and 2) it’s not okay to chant people to prison because you don’t like them, politically.

How many Trumpers paused to consider those questions? Or did they just fall in line and zombie-shriek “lock her up”?


It would be rather difficult politically to find him guilty of doing anything wrong at this point, wouldn’t you say?


She was investigated. Should Kushner be investigated as well?


Sorry, I genuinely don’t understand the question. I’ll try to answer if you can rephrase.


■■■■■■■■■ Few, if any, were calling for Clinton to be prosecuted for using her private email before it came out that there was classified information involved. In fact, that was the one stipulation that everyone seemed to agree with at the time…it’s not illegal UNLESS classified info was being communicated. Of course, in classic Clinton groupie form, as soon as it came out that there was classified info involved, they went into defense mode with any and all ridiculous argument they could desperately devise. But regardless of that blatant hypocrisy, the fact is few if any were calling for her prosecution in using her private email, it was all about the classified info. And to this day, her ardent defenders still proclaim she did nothing wrong…well, atleast until Kushner did something they can equate to it…THEN it’s all wrong.


Hillary was completely exonerated - not even a slap on the wrist or verbal lashing. How can they charge Kushner?