Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


Your summary sucks. You made it up.


Umm, Excast? That’s only a few posts in.


Umm Excast? That’s only a few posts in.


Solid attempt to twist my words in order to fit the narrative you wanted to create.


Are you kidding, quote someone who is now griping about what they formerly defended Clinton for doing?

The entire thread is premised on it.


That’s calling to lock Jared up without due process? Are you serious? I could swear Excast wrote that post in English.


Not at all. You said that. They’re guilty. Send ‘em away.

What should their punishment be? Same as Hillary, right?


We are not “griping about what” Jared did.

We are griping about you not caring about what Jared did. And your explanation for not caring about what Jared did, so far, is “liberals.”

This cannot be repeated enough.


I’ve never called for anyone to be locked up over e-mail protocol. That is a Trumpist cult thing. Yanno, the whole “Lock her up!” business that still goes on to this day? I just find it telling how little those same people care when it’s someone on their side doing basically the same stuff. And sadly the same goes for the media/public opinion because it’s impossible to keep up with all of the Trump related scandals.


Flailing, so bad. Y’all are having imaginary conversations with yourselves.


And I find it amusing the uproar over this when Hillary was defended tooth and nail. Guess it all depends on which side you’re on.


A 110 post-thread is an uproar? And we’re the snowflakes?


I just said it’s amusing. I love seeing hypocrisy in action.


Right, you love it so much you’ve adopted it as your own.


She wasn’t really defended tooth and nail. Most people acknowledged mistakes were made. We just questioned those who seemed desperate to make it a far bigger issue than it was.

People like elements of the Trump campaign who spent years encouraging the “Lock her up!” nonsense only to immediately start ignoring cyber security protocols when they took power.


@Excast said “flagrantly violated cyber security guidelines”. How do you get from that to “kushner committed a crime and needs to be locked up”?


Should he be punished for violating cyber security guidelines? That sounds rather serious.


Where/how did excast say he should be punished? You’re making things up again. I’ll say, just like Hillary, Congress and FBI should open an inquiry


I don’t know. We have prosecutors who make those decisions. That is how our legal system works. Does that make sense?


The good ole days

Man trump had the right wing completely figured out. Gotta give credit