Jared conducts government business on What'sApp


You say that like you’re proud of it. Don’t be.


Haha. Now THAT’s moral superiority. Stay off the Dijon mustard kids.


Why not? Liberals didn’t care about Hillary, so why is this an issue?


So have conservatives reached such a rock bottom that they’ve just decided to model themselves on the liberals they claim to despise so much? That’s an interesting approach.


Pundits, liberals on here, talking heads in general.


so Republicans are no better then liberals.


Because the President ran on locking up someone for this.


And liberals don’t care when their own side does it, only the other.


so your admitting you don’t care unless its liberals, and that your side has no moral high ground over liberals.


Before the internet conspiracy theorists took over the world the problem with any politician not saving their official correspondence was that it robbed the American people of understanding what their government was doing in their name, and robbed us of our own history.

Really weird to watch that completely be forgotten in favor of whatever the hell it is that’s happening here.


And liberals don’t have the high ground either. Welcome to politics.


According to the article linked, I am not clear what the facts are.

A few of the articles linked are behind a pay wall. The Politico article in the OP:

" Cummings demands docs on Kushner’s alleged use of encrypted app for official business"
“Lowell disputed elements of the congressman’s recollection about the conversation”
“Lowell added, according to Cummings, that Kushner is in compliance with record-keeping law. Lowell told the lawmakers that Kushner takes screenshots of his messages and forwards them to his White House email in order to comply with records preservation laws, Cummings indicated.”

“The Presidential Records Act prohibits senior White House officials from using non-official email or messaging accounts for government business, unless they send copies of the messages to their official accounts.”

So what is fact? I guess we need to wait to find out.


Sure, an FBI investigation sounds great…a few months of hypocritical poutrage and indignation from the Clinton groupies will be a welcome distraction from the repetitive “orange man bad” whining we get from them now.


Agreed. If it’s the same conduct as Hillary, no charges.


If you can tolerate the irony of a now-felon leading a chorus of “locker her up” at the RNC convention, I think you can handle maybe 1-2 weeks of liberals advocating for an investigation of this on an internet message board.

Or is it all just too much?


The liberals are mocking conservatives. What liberal is seriously calling to lock up kushner without due process?


However, Trump is orange by choice. Obama was black by birth. So therefore its ok to put the orange man through the ringer.


Don’t waste your breath. Does not compute.


Let’s just sum this thread up here:

It’s OK for Clinton to do it, but not the bad orange man.


Quote someone in this thread who said that please