Jared and Ivanka celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary at Camp David

Nothing like a wedding anniversary funded by the taxpayers. I had no idea Camp David was bookable for family galas.

For the Trump family, the deepening threat of impeachment and investigations into close associates will briefly take a back seat. This weekend Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary, and have invited their families and a number of close friends to Camp David to celebrate, according to three people familiar with the plan. All of the couple’s siblings are expected to attend, as is President Donald Trump, one person said.

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It is good to be King but maybe even better to be Daddy’s little Princess.


Oh I am certain the Taxpayers aren’t footing the bill for any part of this Trump party time!

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Ah, just a lil weekend get-a-way to the cabin in the woods.

Of all of the things that they do… this one is a meh.

Agreed… just as the president pays for meals consumed at the White House (other than State
(and maybe “working” ?) Dinners, im sure they are picking up the tab. Don’t know about the “hall rental” though.

Agreed. If they held the event at a public venue, the public would still be picking up security costs, if they held it a Trump venue, people would be complaining about the Trump Organization profiting.

I wish them a happy anniversary and think there are many more important matters to worry about.

Like the “off to see MBS”.

Like questioning what possible qualifications Jared Kushner has to engage in Middle East diplomacy. I agree when conservatives complain that Hunter Biden was paid well for access to his father; but find it staggering at how blind they are to this privileged child whose sole accomplishment in life was nearly bankrupting his family by the acquisition fo 666 5th Avenue, having such a broad portfolio of critical tasks in his father-in-law’s Presidency.


Well we can be sure “peace in the middle east” is one promise he isn’t going to keep.

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Oh give him a chance. It can’t be that hard! :wink:

If Jared can’t do it. No one can.

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Maybe because he is going to make them a offer that they can’t refuse?

I always like the part when Trump continues to say that Jared is going to make all of this happen. Even after they moved the embassy and Abbas said that they would never talk to the US again.

10 years ago something else happened.

Barack and Michelle Obama went to NY to see a Broadway Show and Fox News went into 24 hour crisis mode.


Can’t wait to see how Trump supporters explain this one.

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How do you like the unbiased headlines? “As Impeachment Heats Up…”

What a crock of crap for reading but…it figures. :sunglasses:

Except for the added cost for the American Taxpayers for their little anniversary trip and the Right Wing hypocrisy in this I agree.

Remember the figurative exploding heads event it was when President Obama took First Lady Michelle Obama to New York City for dinner and a play, keeping a promise he had made to her back on the campaign trail?

Remember the Right Wing rancor over how wrong it was for the President to allow that indulgence?

Where is Judicial Watch DEMANDING to know how much this Camp David weekend is costing the American Taxpayers?

Oh well, if it wasn’t for the entertainment of watching so much Right Wing hypocrisy there would be absolutely ZERO redeeming qualities in this Obese Donald presidency years.



I bet in the Obese Donald presidential museum and KFC there will be a whole wing devoted to how Donny and Jared secured “Peace in the Middle East”!

How much is “meh” costing the American Taxpayers?

Where is Judicial Watch when we need them?

We have The whole damned Trump clan’s needless travel costs to Camp David, Obese Donald flying up there from his patronizing talk to black folks in South Carolina. No doubt Jared and Ivanka traveled up there separately from mommy and daddy, and everyone of them was traveling with their Taxpayer paid Secret Service Details, plus personal staff.

That is a whole lot of “meh”.

But Donny isn’t that damned Kenyan Usurper so it doesn’t matter.

Hypocrisy is the new Right.

Get Over It!