Japan ex PM Shinzo Abe SHOT and may have passed away



It appears the Website above is crashing. This is devastating news for Japan and the world. The gunman has apparently been captured and whoever did this may be sparking a severe national crisis.

At the same time Greg Gutfeld on FOX is just now making Jokes about Japan while this news remains unreported so far.


The shooter has been named but there are no new info.

An announcement is going to be made in minutes.

Thus is it. LIVE

At about 1:50 am EDT, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio states that Abe is still alive, but his medical situation of the utmost gravity and his survival is very much up in the air at this point.

No one is going to say he has passed away before the Doctors pronounce him as passed away. They must be trying very hard to save him.

Prime Minister Kishida would not comment about the political motive of the killer.

The killer himself, intended to kill Abe, because of things Abe was doing,

One controversy in Japan is the push to change the Japan Constitution to allow a full Japanese Military for self-defense. I do not know if that will have anything to do with the motives of the killer. Another controversy has been the encroachment of Japan by China and Japan’s stated protection of Taiwan

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It is sadly official. Former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe has been Assassinated.

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Tetsuya Yamagami is the murderer of Shinzo Abe. Who he is and what his motives are will come out.

Currently there is a great deal of sadness and anger from the Japaneae people and there are accusations of Chinese or North Korean involvement. Others are calling these accusers “rascists.”

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I heard it was a home made gun.

If a Japanese person dislikes/hates someone that is Korean or Chinese, can that be considered racism?

  1. Yamagami Is Accused of Firing Two Shots at the Former Prime Minister
  2. Yamagami Was an Officer in the Japanese Military
  3. Video Captured the Moment Abe Was Shot, Showing a Puff of Smoke
  4. Abe Was Shot in the City of Nara, Reports Say
  5. Yamagami Was Carrying a Handmade Shotgun, Reports Say
    Tetsuya Yamagami: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Heavy.com

The alleged shooter’s connection to the Japanese military certainly raises questions about motive.

Did he act alone?

Here is an image of the alleged homemade firearm used in the attack:

Not if you are talking about illegal immigrants to Japan or Japanese Citizens who give their loyalty to foreign countries who disrespect Japan. Lots of Japanese feel invaded in their daily life. In that case it’s about foreign country not races.


This is a pretty shocking development. This is the first time since I believe 1936 any prime minister or ex-prime minister has been assassinated in Japan.

The suspect is believed to be a former soldier of the JSDF although information is sparse at this time. If that turns out to be the case it will be a dark reminder of an infamous era in Japanese history; the government by assassination era which lasted from the late 1920s until the late 1930s.

This killing occurred during a speech that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was giving.

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