Japan and the EU agree to largest bi-lateral trade deal ever, with virtually no tarriffs remaining

Didn’t need to threaten a trade war to manage it either. Just the normal level of negotiation between two parties.

Now I have even more reason to hope we don’t crash out of the EU without single market access :laughing:. I want my cheap dashi, wakame and plum wine :grin:.

Why didn’t they include the United States in this trade deal? Talk about traitorous.


Reagon? That lib? Really?

Won’t be long before you mean it! Trump has to give you the go ahead first…

I’m not sure what you’re saying here. However, everyone knows Ronald Reagan was a secret lib who only changed his political affiliation to improve his chances to be elected as President.


Welp guys, welcome to second rate world power status. Hello Spain, nice to be at your level now.

Don’t worry, i’m sure starting a trade war with the Japanese is sure to result in an even better trade deal!

I sincerely hope Trump is taking notes.

I suspect that he isn’t though.

Who knew you could negotiate better terms without alienating your nation?

really, trade wars with every nation are clearly the only way forward and will make us truly great again.

Gotta give it to him, he really is bringing the world together.

I mean hell, it worked out greatly last time amirite?

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