January 6th Commission Thread

That is an excellent point and observation.

The prosecutions have focused on those who ENTERED. How convenient.


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Yep exactly. They allowed it. Which is absolutely on the heads of those guards who were either complicit in what was happening or too scared to react.

That has nothing to do with your latest and greatest

That’s because there were more of them :blush:


What bearing does body language have on legislative purposes?

They should be focused on the agitators and vandals.

Like this guy.


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…or…it was “planned” that way? What you should be asking yourself is, who planned it?

They did. Just not the only ones you were told about

Some of the agitators are spending decades in jail.

You went from a conclusion to the next question. When Occam’s razor is so much easier

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How many guards pulled gates allowing protestors to then storm the capitol? How many armed guards were present when the doors to enter the inner chambers of the capitol…where Babbit was murdered…were just standing there doing nothing? How many armed guards were at the entrances of the capitol, allowing protestors in and not even trying to stop them? How many armed guards escorted protestors around the capitol…not attempting to stop them…in fact…leading them around? You can simply swallow what you’re fed my friend but that isn’t how I roll and the dots of what the Pelosized MSM painted as the truth…do not connect.

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Yes they did.

They could have put more resources towards the pipe bomber and fewer towards the trespassers.

The campaign ads Biden is running show that the prosecutions are simply props to make dems the victims when they are the problem.

I literally laugh at the hyperbolic lies they vomit out.



I don’t disagree with any of this.

The last sentence is precious though. Amazing even

Or you can watch the guards being attacked and then realize that they just got scared and thought it wasn’t worth it or worse agreed with the rioters.

Or you can keep believing that your imagination is more real than reality

Here is the ad I was talking about.

It is like a special needs person did this in an information vacuum.

Go ahead and read the comments…On the Biden campaign channel…they aren’t even deleting them.


Uh, huh…and once again, you resort to the Pelosi stand ins outside of the capitol. NO GUARDS WERE ATTACKED INSIDE THE CAPITOL that I witnessed on video. Now…why the huge difference?

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I will be spending the foreseeable future reading the comments on the ad I posted.

They are priceless and 90% pro Trump.


People are commenting that they cannot believe the comments are on.


This is pure gold.

They took selfies with the rioters :joy:. I mean come on. How proud is the right that most leo agencies support Republican candidates? You think it’s because their rank and file don’t? Some of the capitol cops clearly agreed with the rioters (now that’s my imagination because there is no proof of this… except for the selfies of course)

That’s the answer I expected. There isn’t a logical one…except…it was a set up. Now…who would do that? Who was in charge of capitol security? Who lied and paraded a coffin around the capitol? Who initiated the J6 Commission? Who stopped the Rs that would have asked serious questions from being on the committee? There’s a pattern here. Can you see it yet?

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Right but everything is always a setup for you or a conspiracy. So much fun.

As with the regards to the Rs. They have had two years and nothing. :joy:. That just feeds into your never ending need. Good times.

I can’t help that I haven’t been sheoplized my friend by the MSM. When the dots don’t connect, I don’t believe them. During this time, I lay out what I think I’m actually seeing. That’s when the sheople regurgibleat Smyrna is a conspiracist. Then it may be years later, the truth is revealed and libs develop amnesia.

So all the violent rioting Trump supporters were outside the Capitol.