James Webb Space Telescope - Merry Christmas!

I’m a bit disappointed that it’s just a hypothesis, but hopefully the JWST can get an observation going. That would actually be an ideal planet given what germs do to us.

On a side note, I hate it when people talk about plant life like it’s the main driver of atmospheric oxygen. It’s not. 99.xx% of the oxygen produced in the Amazon is used up within the Amazon. Cyanobacteria rules!

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I wouldn’t go anywhere near a planet with silicon-based life.

Living by the sir mix a lot rules of life? Silicon parts are made for toys.

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I’ve watched Star Trek. Hell no. lol

I have some silicon oven mitts. I bet it’d be hot on that planet.

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We’re tribbles made of silicon?

No, but the stupid Organians just sit there and watch people die like buttholeheads.

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Why? Are you afraid they might turn you into computer chips and adhesive sealants? :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering damn near everything that can kill you here on Earth is carbon based, I can’t see how silicon based life could be any worse. :wink:

Our immune systems only recognize carbon-based life. :wink:

Launch delayed until Christmas morning due to weather because, of course delays!

Grr …


Exactly. At least it’s only one day…

More than likely, if you encountered silicon based life, you would not live long enough to find out.

Or perhaps so as to not have a mid-air with Santa. :wink:

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Why might it not be the other way around?

Because on their world, they would outnumber you by millions to one.

I got a pretty powerful immune system…

That’s what they all say … right before they get sick. :wink:

Well then, you answered your own question. :wink: