James Shaw Jr. Sir! Making America Great Again

James Shaw Jr without a weapon subdued and stopped a killing rampage by a severe nut job at a Waffle House. Thoughts and Prayers to the Dead. James Shaw Jr showed that there is still soul in the humanity of life in America despite the current swell of racism plaguing our streets. A White Shooter. A Black Hero . A White Presidential Silence reads like a poem but states perfectly a concise list of the irony of the sitting Mango Moose. Too busy with Russia Dodges. Too busy with the consternation of the 13th green. Too busy watching TV.

John Pavlovitz paints a picture of a hero and a sorry state of affairs for The White House. What would be the proper response to the Waffle House Murders?

Times change. Out with the Boomers, a dying breed.



I’ll out live you.

Good guy (who is black) without a gun, defeats bad guy(who is white) armed with a gun just doesn’t fit his narrative.


It is odd that this didn’t even merit a tweet.

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It makes sense for a politician to ignore incidents like this when his caucus is gullible white people who have spent decades being taught to be antagonistic towards anybody who doesn’t look, think, love, and worship exactly as they do.

Said James Shaw is a wireless tech for ATT.

way to represent.

Allan (proud employee)

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Definitely a hero. I hope he gets honored in some way.

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Visit to the White House?

I think he should be invited. Trump probably won’t though.

Instead shouldn’t it just read unarmed good guy disarms armed bad guy. Why do people always have to add the optic of race and color?

Because our dear President constantly brings up these incidents when the perpetrator is of Middle Eastern descent. The one time he chooses not to run his yap it involves an unarmed black man stopping a white dude with a gun.

Donny looked, but he didn’t see any fine people MAGA.

As soon as the gun jammed it just became a very expensive club.

Congrats to the young man for stepping up but don’t try to make this into something it’s not.

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Yeah, notice he hasn’t mentioned him yet.

No surprise.

If Trump invited him to white house and young man accept…libs would be calling him uncle Tom.

No, that designation seems to be reserved for blacks working within the administration like Dr. Carson.

If every good citizen that intercedes in stopping a local crime got invited to the WH there wouldn’t be time to do much else.

I applaud the young man for stepping up but disarming a guy with a busted gun after the fact is just not that big of a deal.

He clearly is a hero and deserves everything given to him.


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lol. unreal.

The Tennessee legislature disagrees with your assessment.