James Comer Swings for the Fences, Whiffs

James Comer’s (R-Ky) big reveal at his press conference this morning was that Hunter Biden and some of his business associates formed ventures that did business with in foreign countries and, GASP, accepted payments as part of those business transactions.

None of the business transactions Comer described were illegal.

They took place while Joe Biden was Vice President. What a shock! I engaged in overseas business while Joe Biden was Vice President – a lot of people did. Was business supposed to pause for four years while Joe Biden was VP.

Moneys received at one point of contact account were then distributed in smaller amounts to other accounts. In other words, a single payment was then divided among the participants. Absolutely normal way of doing business.

A structure of LLCs and other entities was set up to handle the transactions. Again, this is a normal way of doing business, probably set up to handle tax liabilities. Nothing illegal

Comer alleged that participants may have tried to cover up what they were doing but offered no evidence that a cover-up

Comer alleged that some payments may have been intended as influence peddling but offered no evidence of actual influence peddling. For anyone who is defending Justice Thomas because there is no evidence that the millions he received from Harlon Crow influenced his decision making, that should be enough to shut down any criticism of influence peddling regarding Joe Biden.

None of these transactions had any link to Joe Biden. Comer kept referring to the “Biden family” in an effort to create guilt by association. None of these transactions involved the “Biden family,” is baseless scandal mongering.

James Comer has been given a huge budget and unconstrained power to use his House Committee to get the dirt on Joe Biden by swinging a bat at human pinata Hunter Biden.


Why can’t the Republicans find someone competent to lead the investigation. Or could it be that Comer and his pals barking up the wrong tree.

Please use this thread to discuss Comer’s much ballyhooed press conference this morning. Keep the other Hunter Biden issues in the threads where they have been done to death.


Comer is looking very Schiffty.

People want the answer to be yes, anything but yes is a failure. Same for the previous four years of accusations.

Hunter?? Is that you?

What business was the Biden’s running at the time?

As to your business, did you make deposits into accounts for nieces, nephews, grand daughter/son?

Just a couple of quick questions I can come up with.


“The Bidens” weren’t running any businesses. Look at what Comey presented before going into attack mode.

And if you are concerned about accounts for various family members, consult a tax attorney.

If an investigation is not leading to criminal referrals and not driving the creation of legislation, just shut it down. Waste of time.

That said, the criminal investigation in potential tax fraud should run its course, leading to indictments if appropriate.

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How does someone have “business transactions” without owning or running a business?


Hardcore screamleader cheers for team blue up in here. Do wear a rain coat, folks. :rofl:


Don’t forget 10 percent for the Big Guy.


Wow…thank you Jill Biden.

Comey found nothing implicating the Big Guy.

Complain all you want; all I am pointing out is what a failure Comey and his committee are. Are you satisfied with them and their inability to come up with anything?

Who is to blame for Comey’s failure as an investigator? Are you going to drag in Hillary’s emails next?

The Crackhead admitted they paid him because of access.

This is ok, but Clarence Thomas…


Then what were the payments for?


The metamorphosis of the stupid liberal denials is funny.

The story has gone from “I have never talked to my son about his businesses” to now.

We all now know that Joe was up to his ass in Hunter’s businesses…that they were Joe and hunters businesses…that there is no actual business there other than peddling the family name…that the oversight committee has uncovered a lot in 100 days including multiple llc’s thru which money passed in what looks like a money laundering scheme set up during joes vice presidency…that we are talking about 10 million dollars…and there’s more to come.

The denials have morphed from “I never knew anything about what hunter was doing” to “yeah but what specific policy has been influenced” which sounds to me like an admission that Joe got a bunch of money.

Based on the way that corrupt fraud has run his presidency…the answer to the question of “what policies” would be either “most” or “all” of them.

Gotta drive…have at it.


The republican led oversight committee comes out with complete nothing-burger findings and somehow it’s the liberals in denial. Love it. Never change.


It’s ALWAYS the libs. Always. For everything.


Comey??? Hillary???

What the hell are you talking about…

Or are you just desperate?

Congressman Comer and his colleagues have done a good job hacking thru the tangled web of the Biden’s corruption.


Hey you guys voted for “the big guy” President One Horse Dog Face Pony Soldier.

You going to vote for his son, when he decides to run for commander in chief?

You a a very funny guy. Were you one of david letterman’s script writers?