Jamal Khashoggi's Fiancée Turns Down Trump Invitation To White House

Who thought this was a good idea?

Shocking she doesn’t want to meet with a world leader who won’t publicly denounce Saudi Arabia for the murder of her late Fiancee.

Who ■■■■■■■ cares??

Clearly Donald wanted to give the appearance of caring, before Ms. Cengiz politely told him to pound sand.

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Yeah, trump just wanted to rub it in her face that he and kushner killed pierogi and are laughing at her.

He’s a monster!

The wife…and I’d say people with morals and a soul


Trump has been covering for Saudi lies, why would she go and meet with him?

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Maybe she didn’t want to hear Trump ramble on about how after he talked to the king, it sounded to him(Trump) that it could’ve been rogue killers? I mean the king firmly denied it to Trump. And people can’t play Trump. And Trump doesn’t believe everything the last person he talked to believes. By the way, did you know Korea used to be part of China?


Thanks for doing your part.

Seems suspicious. Who knows if she was involved.

^ GOP 2018

there are way more americans who are just like Donald Trump than even i predicted.

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I didn’t know we were talking about Americans.

What was the subject again??

I should just scream BENGHAZI!!!

Why did trump invite this woman to the white house in the first place? Are we sure she’s even one of the good ones?

yeah, didn’t Rush and Fox and some posters here paint her husband as some kind of terrorist/terrorist supporter? why would Trump invite her?

It was a trap so we could extradite her to Saudi Arabia.

That’s what you got? Whiff.

Humanity - look the word up.

Or LOCK HER UP!!! Whatever moves you at the moment man.

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Looks a little Rapey to me.