Jacob Wohl Stages fake FBI raid

She claims he kissed her on the lips and touched her breast. What DNA they gonna get on her dress?

Then it should be really easy for him to win the case.

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I accept your surrender. Only an idiot would release their DNA.

Let me get this straight, she needs the DNA to prove he lied about meeting her when she was on the apprentice and there would be tapes. Me thinks you made up what he lied about.

Actually I agree with that. The President was going to be compelled to hand over the evidence until the DOJ took it over for him and will effectively kill it.

Too bad we all don’t enjoy such privilege

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One post two years ago? :rofl:

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Too freaking awesome!!!

Well done!!


So anyway, who is this nefarious trickster supposed to be? Is he important to the election?

If he broke the law, lock him up.

No, I’m still gonna go with…Who??

Sounds like the lamestream news media was punked. The only bummer was the actors did not get paid straight way.

But did he break the law?

No not really he was screwing with The news media. Hillbillary Clinton has done that for years.

Hillbillary even had a fake dossier made up.

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Doesn’t Obama’s daughter have a Russian name? :thinking:

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NF I think it is funny to. Darn I actually agree with you this time.

I hope he does not punk Sleepy joe into thinking the election already happened and Joe won and have him release the acceptance speech in November 1st.

Yeah. My one post in that thread was #118, and the first 117 never mentioned this nefarious character at all.

Apparently he wasn’t mentioned until post ##480-something

I feel burned. Sneaky and Doug probably do too. We may all quit the boards in shame.

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So I previously called him a poor fool in a thread. You think I memorize the name of every poor fool I read about? C’mon man.
And even then I didn’t use his name and likely didn’t know it. It was buried somewhere in the article.

P.S. This is supposed to be a discussion board, not a baby games gotcha board.

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Yeah…I mean he put three emoticons together in a row. That was humiliating.

We’re all gonna have to forget the jacob wohl fan club secret handshake before we get kicked out for eternity.

If I remember correctly, you shrug your shoulders, put your hands up palms out, scrunch up your brow and say “WHO?”