Jabba the Jihadi captured

Jabba the Jihadi has been captured.

He had issued numerous “FATwas” leading to the murders of men, women and children.

They had to take him out on the back of a pickup truck.

Iraq uses hanging as a method of execution. I have the feeling that his eventual hanging will instead turn into a decapitation. :smile:

His name is Abu Abdul Bari.


Wow. How did I miss all of this?

This is the first I have heard of this guy…and I like to think I’m at least somewhat informed.


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Maybe he’s just the next guy to fill the shoes of the General we offed.

And soon another will rise up to fill this guy’s indentation.


Wow! And I thought I was a fatass.

That’s got to be a glandular condition.

I hear the dude moves faster then a shadow.

I question his dedication to the cause. How fanatical can you be and weigh 560 pounds?


In my defense, I copied that pun from somebody else. :smile:

Regardless of the nature of this man’s crimes, I’m not sure why capital punishment in Iran is taken lightly in this thread. How is slowly dying by being hung by a crane, or stoning of “adulteress”, not cruel & inhumane?

Wouldn’t put it past them to hang this individual by crane, but firing squad may take less time.

Haven’t you heard that western countries are not allowed to judge other cultures? Its called cultural relativism.

This is Iraq, not Iran.

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What took them so long to “capture” him.

Like hes not the most mobile or easy to conceal

Neither is this man, but he still hasn’t been found.


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Lol Jabba the Jihadi :rofl:

Don’t be surprise, this story may be a hoax from a “Russian troll” farm.
MSM not picking up this story about Shifa al-Nima (his real name according to Stars and Strips).

Well hell, if he goes on a hunger strike in prison he’ll still outlive most of us.

I highly doubt the mainstream news would run a tabloid story like that regardless if true or not, but it is funny as hell.

Reminded me of my thread on a 900 pound drug dealer they literally had to cut out of his house.

They finally got him to court and he is now at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina serving his sentence.

Register Number: 37310-083
Age: 48
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Butner FMC
Release Date: 08/15/2023

Are…are people in this thread…fat shaming? I’m calling the PC police. :sunglasses: