Ivanka Trump rolls out the new "skills-based hiring" initiative for the federal government

Is the White House really this bad at optics…lol

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of course they will have to provide exemptions for trump and his administration…


The idea that Ivanka & Kushner got their jobs in the White House because of their family ties to the President is false. It was based on their skills. :ok_hand: :+1:


:rofl: :rofl:

I’m going to need a new monitor now


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Trump signs order prioritizing job skills over college degree in government hiring

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that will overhaul the government’s hiring practices so that a job applicant’s skills will be given priority over a college degree.

Administration officials say the shift will allow the government to hire a more inclusive workforce based on skill instead of a person’s education level.

This is amazing.

Ivanka did it.

Drain the swamp!


Like to read more about this.

On the surface I like it.

Wish more businesses did this as well.

Lots of people trapped in lower level jobs that have the skills for the higher level jobs but their “pedigree” doesn’t make them look like they do.

Mainly because the bulk of job descriptions don’t accurately describe the job to be done.


The higher education lobby won’t like this.

Military vets will.

Should be common sense.


I think this is a useful development and will be productive in hiring new federal employees.

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That’s what makes it so amazing. Watch the private sector.

I love this! Made my whole day. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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■■■■ Havard !

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Not a terrible idea but one needs to be careful. In my area, we have technicians that appear to be able handle the computer analysis as well as the engineer but when one digs deeper one can quickly find their limitations on truly understanding the physics of the problem. A manager would think the technician would be fine though.

Understandable. Can one engineer manage multiple technicians and be available instead of everybody has to be an engineer?

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Not sure industry will like it. Seems you need to have a degree even to just do admin these days.

Lmao - The irony of Ivanka heading this up. What skills or experience qualifies her for any she is asked to do by the WH.

Great move!

However This actually will make the federal government bigger… not a conservative principle

Why do you suppose that is.

The sheer number of Universities in the US is stunning.

They have worked hard to give us the impression they are invaluable.

In many fields they are. Administration is questionable.

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It’s a liability issue. It will take a while, but watch them.