Ivanka rag bag sales slumping


She will be chsnging her last name back to Drumpf soon enuff.

Nothing like a good ol boycott.

Klassless and Krappy Kids of a nasty and gross family, I won’t mind if this so-called presidency bankrupts all of those infested animals.

Just saw a show on Trumps Uk golf courses.
200 million in debt. Losing millions every month.
Uk banking laws make his profit/loss public record.Unlike here. Just a matter of time he has to pull the plug on them.

The free market can be merciless.

Thoughts and prayers.

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It’s only natural that decent people will want less and less to do with this ugly clan of deviants, the more and more they are in the public eye and show their low class, shallow, silver spooned elitism.

After he leaves DC the Trump “brand” will be reduced to that of Billy Beer.
If you dont know what that was…google it.lol.

No doubt and lol.

Now that he has built up such a huge right wing fan base, I assure you when all is said and done he will be more successful than ever. You know, like Sarah Palin.

One only needs to see the racks of her stuff with red tags on them (the lowest sale price) at Marshall’s and TJMaxx. Even bargain hunters don’t want her crap.

No worries. His supporters tend to be only the most rich among us, their continued support will keep his businesses profitable.

I wonder how close he is too bankruptcy? I wonder how much being president has helped keep some of his businesses afloat? His DC hotel would probably tank if not for foreigners and domestic businesses not wanting to suck up to him for governmental favors.

Who cares, I haven’t seem any recent ex-Presidents on the bread line. What’s Obama pulling down these days? Did he have to go back to community organizing?

If at the end of all this Trump’s brand ends up in the crapper, he will care. A LOT.

Most estimates based on available documents are that Trump has about a billion dollars and is about 300 million in debt.

It’s hard to call yourself a conservative while shopping at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom? If that’s her target market, I’d label her approach a bad business model.

Billy Beer didn’t have a reputation before Carter.

His brand is getting pretty big in places like Russia. They love him there.

In fairness to her, the actual line of stuff is absolute garbage, cheaply made and badly designed. That could be the reason.

Sounds like other Russian products.

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This should be no surprise to anyone.

We are talking about a man who somehow managed to be one of the few people have failed at running a casino. Think about that…he lost at a game where the odds are legally and intentionally stacked in his favor.

He is less a great businessman and more someone who has learned how to exploit the worst of our business laws.