Ivanka defies own father Donald Trump on social distancing guidelines

Daddy’s little girl is a big fan of “do as I say, not as I do.”

It’s okay though, Daddy gave her the nice taxpayer funded job, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

They were wrong and should have their clutch adjusted according to current ordinances.

I don’t believe she’s getting paid.

Besides they’re just guidelines.

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My mistake. Not taxpayer funded, just an official government position. Thank you.

Are they infected?

Don’t know. Does it matter?

It’s not a good look regardless.

If he doesn’t, why are we crying about TESTING!!?

I agree. Punish them in accordance with the ordinance. Then public apologies including from the President.

Stay on topic, bud.

We’re talking about Ivanka disregarding the White House’s own social distancing guidelines.

I am on topic. There are different guidelines for positives. At least at the state level.


Seems like you can’t answer.


Definitely not a good look.

Of course, the info in the linked article is rather sketchy. It’s based on anonymous sources, ( " … citing two people familiar with their plans …")

And it doesn’t say how they traveled, or whether or not they maintained social distance while they traveled or at their alleged first-night of Passover.

All we have here is more National Enquirer-type “journalism”. Let’s all set our hair on fire because of it.

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Not seeing how this is on topic, we talking about Ivanka here. Try to keep up.

You can go start a different thread if you want to talk about testing.

So here’s the interesting part, I popped over to the “Cuomo’s brother violated social distancing” thread and I’m shocked-shocked!-to report that your opinion is completely different. I can’t imagine why.


Well Bud, I already explained it. I understand it is inconvenient for your weak-assed gotcha thread. There are different guidelines for positives.

I can stay right here. Bud.

Then you need to actually read my posts in both threads.


You fail.


We both know that will never happen.

Probably not. Nor will Cuomo be punished.

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Someone’s triggered.

Ivanka clearly thinks she’s above the guidelines.