It's Time To Play, ...Who's. ...The...Victim? With Your Host kevin hart

I can’t stop laughing at this. Not hart’s comedy, that’s not that funny. No, I’m talking about the left eating their own.

Anyone else thinking about sending his son a dollhouse??

The Great Dilemma.

Why is this relevant again? Sounds desperate…

You guys focus on this today. This can be your safe space thread for when manafort and cohen memos are released.


Why is it in politics? Outside the beltway seems more fitting.


Political Correctness drove him out.


They should create a safe space section… put this there

Nothing gets conservatives up in the morning quite like defending anti-LGBT remarks

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They’re gonna have to disqualify some nominees too before it’s over.

This is the body that nominated a woman a few years ago for a role where she enjoyed her rape so much she kept going back for more, and made an Iranian film Best Foreign Picture winner. Not to mention their love of roman polanski (including oprah and meryl)

I’ve never been a big fan of awards shows. Just boring to me. I only ever cared about who won, so I usually just look up the results and rolls my eyes the next day.

But this is definitely a stupid situation, akin to the James Gunn/Guardians of the Galaxy III situation.

Hart did the right thing by removing himself from this situation. Not worth the media blitz that would have dragged on and on.

Who’s “defending” or promoting?? hart got what he deserved, right?? It’s time to take that bigot down. Go after his livelihood.

If he’s in one more hollywood movie, then you guys are not serious about this.

Drink your folgers

I love the smell of drama…first thing in the morning.

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Did you say that in a kevin hart voice??

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No kidding. Snowflakes Unite could be the subgroup. :rofl:

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Most Cornhuskers fans, not the ones on this board mind you, but on the other websites on the Internet are too stupid to figure out that the left has made “newspeak” a major part of our daily political lives, but the Cornhuskers fans on this board are smart enough to realize that.

Loud and obnoxious

So you agree this doesn’t make sense being in politics. That’s good. :+1:


A black man’s freedom of expression.

Hart doesnt have a right to host the Oscar’s lib