It's Time To Play "NAME...THAT...REPUBLICAN" (Slavery and Civil War Edition)

Hello everyone and welcome to our first edition of "NAME…THAT…REPUBLICAN. This is the game where we challenge you to name the Republican(s) who were in power for, voted for or participated in the following acts:

-the import of slaves from Africa
-the oppression of slaves from Africa
-secession from the United States of America
-the army of the confederacy
-Civil War

So everyone, it’s time to “NAME …THAT… REPUBLICAN”

Are we going to do a deep dive into American party politics of the first half of the 1800’s because that is pretty interesting, or is this a lame attempt at a gotcha thread?

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Apparently we are all discussing wars fought long ago and the founding of our country. This is the way it was deemed to be in 2020.

Your answer did not name any Republicans, so I’m going to assume you can’t name any.

Maybe read the rules of the game before playing.

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The Republican party wasn’t really a thing until the late 1850’s and rose pretty quickly as a coalition party made up of Northern Democrats breaking away from Doughfaces, Whigs and Free soilers.

The main reason for their formation was slavery because even though people want to claim that slavery wasn’t the cause of the a civil war, it was the most important and divisive issue of the first part of the 1800’s

So in essence the question is none, since the Republican Party of the 1850’s was opposed to slavery but not necessarily all for racial and social justice.

People who were into real racial equality were those of the ilk of John Brown… and that guy got hung for treason.


Quoting the OP from another thread…

“Who cares?”


So your answer is “none”??


“Oppressed” descendants of slaves?? Or so I’m told.

But your answer is also “none”, I’m gonna have to assume.

Why is it interesting?

It’s very true.

What I do find interesting are all of the modern Republicans defending the legacy of the very people that the party was formed to fight against.

That part is pretty weird.

It is almost like a switch happened in the late 1960’s into the early 1980’s or something.


It is interesting that you couldn’t name any Republicans responsible for any of those actions. Did you even try??

And sorry, but “southern strategy” (implicit) is not an acceptable answer.

I answered the question

The main fallacy of it is equating party politics of 150 years ago to today.

Might as well be asking which members of the Know Nothing party fought to keep the King of England as the head of state

It makes as much sense.

Well it seems to be a big deal to BLM and ANTIFA running wild in the streets across the country under the banner that America is racist so are you saying that is only a cover for sedition and treason & they really don’t care about black lives or any life for that matter?

Never seen a person with no answers rattle on so much about not having any answer during a game show, but still, it really seems as if you didn’t even try.


No, I’m saying “Who cares?”

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instead of name that republican lets play name that conservative,since the ones fighting to preserve slavery were all conservatives…

Two sentences is not “rattling on”. Well, I suppose to a trump fan it is.

Why is your game show in politics forum?

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Sorry, but that’s not an answer. (see southern strategy above)

The rules of the game, coincidentally, are right in the title of the game.


It’s about Republicans. Well, possibly.

And issues that are, apparently, important to modern day voters.

Where else would I put it??

How about the modern day politicians who are fighting to preserve an aura of undeserved dignity for a disgraced enemy?

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I answered and gave the reasons for the answers.

What is the point of the question?