It's Time To Correct A Wrong and Make Armando Galarraga's Baseball's 21st Perfect Game

The guy pitched a perfect game. You know it, I know it. Everyone knows it. He was robbed by one of the worst calls you’ll ever see in sports. It’s WAY PAST TIME to give credit where credit is due.

If the Elias Sports Bureau can dig through 100 year old box scores and credit a player with another hit, or strikeout, then the powers that be can watch the video once and FINALLY, make the right call.

wow,something we agree on

I thought the link would have a vid of the play. (Maybe it does and I missed it.)

Here is a youtube of it. The particular play starts at about :30.

Dude was ripped off so bad. I know the umpire apologized, and the team said they were treating it as a perfect game right from the day after. I just expected baseball would have done something long ago.

I hate bad calls in sports, even if they benefit my team.

Bad call but it didn’t cost the team the game or a trip to the Superbowl / World Series like the non pass interference call did to the Saints vs the Rams a couple of years ago.

If anything this guy has the best perfect game ever because in reality got 28 straight batters out.

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