It's official. Beto is a nit wit

If I’m not mistaken, Juarez, Mexico had roughly 1,200 murders. While it’s neighbor El Paso Texas, has about 23. According to this dingbat El Paso would be better off without a barrier between the bloodbath in Juarez and relatively peaceful El Paso. The man is living in the Twilight Zone.


Violent crimes actually went up in El Paso after the wall was built.

I like big government cons telling states what they should do

“Nit wit” “dingbat”

What exactly did this person do to earn these names?

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“Dingy Harry”, “Princess AOC”, “Cankles Clinton”, etc. All from the CEC.

Beto Balderdash.

You are welcome.

“Walls don’t work” was the speech Beto gave from behind a security fence. :sunglasses:

Me too- especially for abortion and other things.

Fat Donald. I like that one too.

Turtle McConnell.

So you agree with Beto. The wall is causing crime.Tear down the wall. No separation between one of the most dangerous in the world and civilized El Paso. Is that your stand?

When you actually read the story he linked you find the wall had no effect, statistically speaking, on crimes in El Paso.

And for years, El Paso and Juarez had no separating wall, and yet the violence from Juarez never really leaked into El Paso. In fact, El Paso’s crime rate has mirrored, but been lower than, the crime rates of 32 other metropolitan areas with populations over 500,000…for 25 years…long before the border wall and even before the older less secure fence that was there before. And as you can see from the graph here…there is no precipitous drop in that rate with the addition of a strong wall.


So- a crime rate lower than 32 other cities of comparable size for 25 years and no real change once the wall was built…despite sitting right across the river from one of the poorer, more crime-ridden cities in Mexico.

How do you explain this?


I didn’t know you were pro choice!

That the wall was inside us all along.


Never mind the fact states don’t have a say in abortion.

And your grand point is…?

Love how liberals are selective in what states should and shouldn’t have a say in.

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All in all its just a…nother brick in the wall


And yet when states change their laws in anticipation of a push to overturn Roe v Wade, those folks crying states rights are being trampled don’t celebrate those states upholding states rights…instead they lambaste tem.


Well my comment apparently went right over your head. I said i love when cons want big government to tell states what to do, because cons complain about states rights all the time. What does abortion have to do with pointing out gop hypocrisy?