It's official: AOC admits she's covering for white supremacists

She made it clear that she knows who they are but refuses to name them. How may are there? She needs to compile a list of names and provide it to the American people. If she does not, she is no better than they are.

in the “core of the Republican Caucus in the House of Representatives,” there are “legitimate white supremacist sympathizers.”

Ocasio-Cortez: There Are ‘Legitimate White Supremacist Sympathizers’ in the Core of House GOP (

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Her inflammatory rhetoric just keeps ramping up. Yet she is still on twitter. :roll_eyes:


“When you see someone like the House Minority Leader of the Republican Party respond to white supremacists vitriol coming from his own members,

Kevin McCarthy answers to these QAnon members of Congress,

McCarthy needs respond to this crap. Ignoring it is why we’re in the position we’re in right now. This is a serious charge. I don’t know if he has any legal options but ignoring this would be just plain stupid. He needs to go on offense.

She is saying some things even worse. Such as her comments to ted cruz.

If anyone in congress needs censuring it would be AOC.


Cruz had better be on his game. They are terrified of him and he is their number one target for destruction. He needs to be ready. Being reactive against these goons is not a good strategy. Like Trump, they want him impeached. And they have the numbers to do it. They just need to find the “crime.” Have all your bases covered Ted.

Wait. Y’all care about “inflammatory rhetoric” now?


She’s still afraid that Senator Cruz is trying to kill her.
That’s why she’s quiet.
Or as quiet as that word fits for AOC.

This is kind of funny! I am not a fan of the squad or any overly progressive Dems, but Trump’s whole Presidency was “inflammatory rhetoric”. Remember how he was elected to “burn it all down”?

Seems for four years I kept reading something about “rent free in head”. How come I don’t see that any more?

Who AOC living rent free? This thread is literally about AOC.

Not sure who said that, but it didn’t come from me.

This has only been said in this forum about 10,000 times. Why are you so opposed to discussions of current events? This topic has zero to do with Trump. Nothing what so ever.

This is why we call it TDS.

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We are questioning your sudden concern over “inflammatory rhetoric” after spending 4 years championing it.

Actions get reactions. Which is why when the squad said their stupid things I wasn’t one of those defending them. You can call it TDS all you want, but the next two years are all going to be reactions to what Trump did. Then we will have another election, probably one more favorable to Republicans because I have no doubt Democrats are going to push too far left as they always do.

Looks to me the post I responded to was literally about Trump.

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It’ll all comeback around.

No. We are not discussing my “sudden concern.” You could not be more wrong. We are talking about AOC. If you don’t want to talk about AOC, you are free find another topic.

The purpose of this forum isn’t to change topics to the real or imagined flaws of forum members. Do you want to discuss me or the topic? Choose wisely.

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Don’t take the bait. Keep them on topic.

Oh nooooes! Choose wisely.